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I just want to give a quick advice.

People, please! When you create a template use different images. Stacking the same image just to show where they will go does not leave the viewer with happy feeling. It looks like you are just lazy.

There are tons of images out there that will suite any design. And guess what, they are FREE! If that's not enough, I'm sure most of the deviants here will be happy to use their images in your projects. All you need to do is ask...

So once again, PLEASE use multiple images.

Note: blank is the same shit
:whisper: Hey, you know what?

Recently I've started a new group called "Free-Web". It's been up for 3 days now and I've managaed to collect some quite good devinations. Go ahead and check it out #Free-Web.

I'd be extremely happy to see you and your art in the group. :wave: If you offer any free web materials here on dA, like me :D, please join as a member and contribute :pat:

Let's show the world that it's not necessery to pay for good web resources B-)
I've been doing this StarCraft 2 template for the past 2 days and it is starting to look really good. I'm quite happy with the background, but I had to fix almost every single graphic I took from the package... I don't believe there could be such lazy people in Blizzard who cannot make a decent "Fansite Kit", yet some of the sources in this package look awful! (You don't believe me? I dare you to download it and see for yourselves!) So I guess - it must have been done on purpose?

I can imagine what they were thinking: "Ok, now this is for the fans. Fans don't know shit! Let's get all the crap left out from our official design and put it out there..."

No hard feelings, though. I love the games :]

Anyway, in this design I have to put some extra work to fix the flaws left by some Blizzard employee(s). But I think it should be ready in the next couple of days. :]

P.S. I know it might seem like I'm complaining about something free, but still... if you do something - do it right, otherwise it just stupid!