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Apparently, this is the photo that got me kicked off Facebook. Go figure. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments :)

Model: Me (*NicotineDesire)
MUAH: Doe Darling
Photographer: *DastardlyDave
Wardrobe: Electra Designs Corsetry [link]
Date: December 20, 2010
Location: Manchester, NH

(c) 2010 Dastardly Dave

Please respect the model :)
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© 2010 - 2021 NicotineDesire
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Dear God almighty 
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You're beautiful, this reminds me of the porcelain dolls my mom used to have.
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Very Beautiful!!!
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No wonder their Stock Price has plumeted
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Absolute Trancendence of Beauty

Delicate Class Sensitive...!!!...:heart:

Dear NicotineDesire

Your Fabulous artwork is featured in
:iconart-portraits: ...and...:iconaction-portraits:

you are Most welcome!!! .............................................:heart:

Best regards

Fashion-Glamour-Fetish collection...[link]
ART-PORTRAITS ... Fashion... [link]
ART-PORTRAITS... :...Portraits...[link]
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Could I share this on my blog called Xerposa, I will give full credit with links.
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Long live the Queen, almost want to give us back to England....almost, ces yeux!!!!
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great image and what a stunning model :star:
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love! the bloomers rock
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wonderful picture, beautiful creature, you! congratulations to the shot to both of you; the artist behind and the model in front of the lens. I like the concept and composition!
stay well! ;-)
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this got you kicked off fb? but the other one didn't? wow. . . that's so weird, these're at least beautifully shot photographs, I can't count how many lewd poor quality webcam shots of male genitals come up on my fb every day >.>
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Goodness... very nice photo!
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Love the bloomers!
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Facebook's loss; Deviantart's gain!
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Just lovely , I need to find a portrait of your beautiful face .
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the victorian look is Awesome.. Bring it on.. love that stuff.
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Stunning as ever darling, quite elegant and scintillating.
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