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Ex-Savior Games fan art by NicosGirl4ever Ex-Savior Games fan art :iconnicosgirl4ever:NicosGirl4ever 1 0 Yuna Sonoda (OC) by NicosGirl4ever Yuna Sonoda (OC) :iconnicosgirl4ever:NicosGirl4ever 3 0 Tis I The Frenchyist of Fries by NicosGirl4ever Tis I The Frenchyist of Fries :iconnicosgirl4ever:NicosGirl4ever 0 5
Colors of Blue, Purple, Black, and Red
(( Hey, real quick for anyone here who doesn't know what Hanahaki Disease is, here's what it is.
"The Hanahaki Disease is an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals. It can be cured without side effects only when the feelings are returned."
I also have this story on my Wattpad account and Quotev account.
Enjoy reading))
               How did I find myself falling for you?  Was it your love of dancing, how much passion you put into each move?  Or was it because of the little nicknames you gave me? For whatever reason it was,
:iconnicosgirl4ever:NicosGirl4ever 0 0
AfterMath (Epilogue of I'll Never Let You Go)
(So, I decided, to make an epilogue. I got a suggestion, and thought to do it. the suggestion was that John gets stockholm syndrome. If you don't know what that it, it's a mental condition. There you go. Definition down below. I thought it would be nice to add on to the story.)
((Also, there's a very violent scene towards the end, but I don't know if it's that bad. But I'm placing a trigger warning just in case, and if you guys thinks its too much, I'll put a mature thing for blood and violence.))
Stockholm Syndrome= feelings of trust or affection felt in many cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim towards a captor.
Link to the first story:
(E/C)= Eye Color
(Y/N)=Your Name
(H/C)=Hair Color
It's been a few weeks ever since you first kidnapped your dear John. You spent every moment you could with him. He still glared at you at times, but he didn't resist. Not after you claimed hi
:iconnicosgirl4ever:NicosGirl4ever 1 0
Yuna Sonoda: Thief by NicosGirl4ever Yuna Sonoda: Thief :iconnicosgirl4ever:NicosGirl4ever 2 0
I'll Never Let You Go- Yandere!ReaderxJohnEgbert
 It's felt like forever since you first met him.  Ever since then, you could never get him out of your mind.  His dark, breezy hair, his sparkling pools of blue eyes that hide behind a pair of glasses, and his cheerful voice that was full of energy.  Everything about him has left you in a state of love.  His name, is John Egbert, and you, (y/n) (l/n), are completely in love with him.  Just thinking about him causes your face to flush into a bright pink, and your heart to pound against your chest.  You wanted to tell him how you felt, for him to love you, hold you, kiss you, you wanted all of his attention.  You would watch him everyday at school, not letting him leave your sight.  He'd never notice you though.  You've only talked to him twice, but those were the best moments of your life.  You've tried to approach him, wanting to talk to him, but he's always being hogged around by his friends.  Whether it's Dave Strider, or Ka
:iconnicosgirl4ever:NicosGirl4ever 1 0
Misao- Yoshino (Anime Style) by NicosGirl4ever Misao- Yoshino (Anime Style) :iconnicosgirl4ever:NicosGirl4ever 0 0 Misao- Saotome (Anime Style) by NicosGirl4ever Misao- Saotome (Anime Style) :iconnicosgirl4ever:NicosGirl4ever 0 0 Ib- Mary (Anime Style) by NicosGirl4ever Ib- Mary (Anime Style) :iconnicosgirl4ever:NicosGirl4ever 1 0 Misao- Ayaka (Anime Style) by NicosGirl4ever Misao- Ayaka (Anime Style) :iconnicosgirl4ever:NicosGirl4ever 0 0 The Gray Garden- Yosafire (Anime Style) by NicosGirl4ever The Gray Garden- Yosafire (Anime Style) :iconnicosgirl4ever:NicosGirl4ever 0 0 Mogeko Castle- Yonaka Kurai (Anime Style) by NicosGirl4ever Mogeko Castle- Yonaka Kurai (Anime Style) :iconnicosgirl4ever:NicosGirl4ever 0 0 Wadanohara and the GBS - Wadonohara (Anime Style) by NicosGirl4ever Wadanohara and the GBS - Wadonohara (Anime Style) :iconnicosgirl4ever:NicosGirl4ever 1 0 Wicth's House- Viola (Anime Style) by NicosGirl4ever Wicth's House- Viola (Anime Style) :iconnicosgirl4ever:NicosGirl4ever 1 0 Mogeko Castle- Moge-ko (Anime Style) by NicosGirl4ever Mogeko Castle- Moge-ko (Anime Style) :iconnicosgirl4ever:NicosGirl4ever 1 0


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Ex-Savior Games fan art
So, I found a youtuber by the name of "Ex-Savior Games", and I have to say, I really enjoyed him! He's fairly new, having 11 subscribers and 12 videos posted, his first video uploading on March 25 of 2018. Despite this, I found myself becoming a fan. His personality drew me in, and I enjoyed his content. And the fact that he's a fan of Kingdom Hearts was a DEFINITE plus for me. I decided that I wanted to draw something for his channel, a little fan art of his avatar. Its not much, but I wanted to draw it for him. I hope his channel continues to grow. This base belongs Naoko Tomomi, I chose to use it cause I thought it would fit his avatar, and im a fan of Izaya Orihara from Durarara as well, so it worked for me. The app I used to draw this is IbisPaint. I hope you enjoy this and maybe Ex-Savior will see it.

Link to his…
Link to his channel:…
Link to Naoko Tomomi's base:…
Yuna Sonoda (OC)
So, I managed to draw my OC, the base belongs to Hime-base, links right here. I used two bases of hers to draw the two angles of Yuna, so her hair could be seen better. I worked hard on making this, using the app IbisPaint. I wanted to submit this for a possible chance that Flying Pings, previously known as Bethany Frye, sees this and chooses this along with other people’s Ocs to get drawn. I wouldve submited it as a commission, but I unfortunately don’t have enough money to do that. I put both drawings together so she can be seen better. I hope this gets chosen. Anyway, here’s the links to the two bases and a little information on my OC.

Hood base:…
Side base:…

Name: Yuna Sonoda
Age: 15
DOB: March 18, 2003
Outfit: faded red shirt, purple jacket, blue skorts (skirt+shorts)
Tis I The Frenchyist of Fries
It had to have happened after this face was seen. This is pure art right here. So beautiful. No regrets. I have my friend to thank for the quote. My friends are insane. I have nothing else to say
Hi guys! Sorry if I haven't been on in a long time. I've been pretty busy this year. I'll try to make time for posting drawings this week!


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