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darth yoda

fan art
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May I use this for a project on FANDOM powered by Wikia? Thanks in advance!
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OH NOESSSS!!!........  :omfg:

Say it ain't true.......  :no:
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I love yoda..He is so cute..that is why i love their movies.
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Yoda is getting taller and fatter now hehehe.. This is cool..Like it.
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Looks like somebody fed Yoda after midnight

He'll be a force to reckon with now, lol.
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Darth yoda:hulk, your father I am
Hulk:no, it can't be
hI, Nice image, do you as well allow for commercial use, I have come across this . I have seen your art on devian last year.
Kind of memorable... :-)…

I used this to remove it.…

Good luck
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We are so dead
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"Sith" just got real.
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Screwed we all are.
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Hey Niconoff, are you aware that Walmart is using this image of yours for their in-store Star Wars merchandise displays as we speak? I hope you got compensated for that. If not, I hope you have a lawyer.
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hmm Do you have photo?
facebook dot com slash photo.php?fbid=1148966455117718&set=gm.898571066857222&type=1
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brilliant idea. Clap 
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I think "Darth Muppet" would have been a better title. :)
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" The bright side is weak... "
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"Weak the bright side is"  ;p
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Hello there! I'm a co-founder for the group StarWars4Ever :iconstarwars4ever:

We're currently holding a Sith contest, in which you have to draw any Star Wars character in their Sith-form. The contest ends on October 31st, and the winner will receive 100 points. If you're interested in entering this lovely drawing, please submit to this folder:…

If you want to find more details about the contest, you can read them here:…

Thank you, and good luck!
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To the dark side gone he has.
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