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Biology Cell Cake

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My first fondant cake for a BIOL330 assignment.
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This reminds me of a project I had to do in my senior year of Anatomy.  We had to create a model of the human skin layers and I made mine with different jell-o flavors and additional solids like nuts and fruits for the other things.  Regardless though this brings back memories and looks awesome.  It looks like it would be even more fun to eat because people could say "Can I have part of the Golgi apparatus?"  or "Pass me the mitochondria, please?"  It just looks really fun and would be a great treat for a biology class of any level.  Hope you got an A on it.
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Oh my gosh, that's some incredible detail!  That takes amazing talent (and probably a lot of patience).  I hope you aced that assignment.
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How do you make it?
that's a cake?!
I've seen plastic models that didn't look that good!
and I don't just mean to eat!
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I love nerd cakes. This makes me so proud of humanity.
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Two work so cool and amazing work
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Gross and super dooper awesome. haha I wonder how it tastes. :O
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You did get an A+++ ....right???!!??? This is amazing!
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Ahhhh the endoplasmatic reticuli are so nicely done!:squee:
it has been far too long since my biology class in high school...
what are endplasmatic reticuli?
I do like the mitochondria though...
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endoplasmatic reticuli have different tasks to fullfill, they built up proteins, are storage place for calcium and the ER is involved into bulding up new cell walls. Bio was my favourite class=D

Indeed, its so intricately crafted:love:
I love your cake! It is so pretty I'd be sad to cut it.  I'm doing a similar project in my biology class and I was really hoping that you would post the recipe you used.  I really would love to try to make a cell cake for my project as well as you did.  Because that is definitely A material:) haha.  I'd so vey much appreciate it if you posted it please. 

Thanks much,
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It's beautiful when extraordinary art meets fascinating science... sigh... just beautiful.
I like the folds of the Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum. Instant :+fav:.
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You seriously better have gotten an A (at least!) for this project!
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I bet it was tasty!
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woah... we just learned about this in science, very nice job! This is making me want cake. ;P
i remember when i was suppose to make a 3D diagram of the cell when i was a wouldve gotten an A++
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I wish I could make such kind of cake *o*
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OMG this is amazing! Gives me hope for humankind!
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This is brilliant!!
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ever O_O
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