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Ego Morieor, Ego Habito by NicoleMAbrahamson Ego Morieor, Ego Habito by NicoleMAbrahamson
Latin. I believe it translates (i could be wrong): "I am Death, I am Life"

A Dream Creature which I had become and inhabited my dreams for a couple of nights these past two weeks.

The story:

"The trees around glistened white with silver moonlight. The "people" were stirring and becoming nervous. There had been reports of a band of Morsconvita traveling through, and they knew what had happened the last time a band had moved through: One of their own had been coerced, nay tricked, into laying with one of their males in payment for their safety, it was said. Well, the young woman had become pregnant as a result, and nine months later, a female child was born. Everything, of coourse, appeared human, but they knew that inside lay a monster waiting to be set free. That was twenty three years ago, and the cycle had fulfilled it's almost eternal, infernal prophecy. The Morsconvita had returned once again.
"Her inhuman blood was a timebomb, and they knew it. The closer they came, the more she responded to their siren call. She would often have many nightmares while asleep at night. Their bllod called out to her blood, raising her inhumanity, changing her from inside out, right down to her very cell structure.
"One night the pull became too much to keep hidden, and visibly she changed, as their hybrids are wont to do when faced with the siren of their inhuman blood. At that night, the elders of the nomadic tribe came into the village, and personally escorted her back to the waiting clan. She was now completely inhuman, and belonged body, heart, and soul to the species of her sire."

Edit: Thank you, ~chrisbannex for pointing out my mistAke with the title. Should be corrected now.
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chrisbannex Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2006
Slight problems. I think you want either "Ego Morieor, Ego Habito" or "Sum Mors, Sum Vita". Mors is the noun for death. Ego just establishes "I", but it's not nescessary, because the person and number are contained in the verb itself. For instance: Habito, Habitare, Habui, Habitatus. "Habit" is live, and the "o" at the end establishes that its is first person singular, in other words, "I live". "Sum" is the verb for "I am", so you could say "I am dead", "Sum Mors". Sorry, I'm a stickler for grammar. Ave atque vale.
javert24601 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2006
The deponent verb for "to die" is "morior, mori, mortuus sum," so the "Morieor" should just be "morior."

Agreed that the "egos" are a bit superfluous. The use for pronouns is really just for emphasis. If you wanted to especially point out that "I" am dead, the ego would be used, but generally the pronouns are imbedded in the verbs.
chrisbannex Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2006
Yeah, I'm not entirely great on deponent verbs. Thanks.
NicoleMAbrahamson Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2006  Professional General Artist
Thank you, I am relatively new at Latin. Will change it.
primulatook Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
An intriguing story. Will there be more?
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