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Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines:: Merchandise

Made three shirt designs with Brujah, Malkavian, and Gangrel clan symbols, and then the four character manips are meant to be stickers or postcards!
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Hello! can you send me pics 2? to
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please... please .. please, PLEASE
i would like to have the brujah- T  
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please make them for real
Kopp-Photography's avatar
OMG I need one of thos, have you found a way to make them? :D
MissMonsterBear's avatar
LOVE! These! I wish there were Tzimisce, Tremere, or Toreador (my favorite clans) but these are all still AWESOME!
demarr14's avatar
Holy shit these are fantastic.

Damn shame there's nowhere to order the malk tshirt from ;_;
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I'd love to manufacture a bunch somehow, but I wonder if there would be any copyright issues...
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P.S If there isn't a way for me to buy em by any chance could you send me a .psd or jpg/png of the malkavian design as I'd love to put it on a tshirt
nicolehayley's avatar
Yes, absolutely, just message me your email address!
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Hey. Excellent work with the designs. Fell inlove with it upon laying my eyes on them. Is it possible to send a jpg/png of the designs to me at

It would be much appreciated.
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Holy crap thanks :D
email is
I'll upload pics when it's finished.
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Oh man, I need one of those!
JulietteDied's avatar
You stopped making character manips? D:
nicolehayley's avatar
I haven't stopped, I just haven't had time since I started school again! I
myobsidianbutterfly's avatar
wooow you did a nice job again! :D
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