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Sonic Controversy Meme

Le gasp opinions! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!
I pretty much got bored and wanted to do one of these soooo yeah.
Blank meme:…


Favourite character ~ Sonic duh, he's the main character of the series XD

Despised character ~ Do I really need to explain why I put this little shit here?

Favourite show ~ I love the Japanese version of this show! To me this is what Sonic is, sure it has its flaws but I just love it so much.

Despised show ~ Don't really hate any of the Sonic TV shows honestly.

Most overrated character ~ Okay, I know I'm going to get a lot of hate for this one but come ON Amy is very much overrated in the fandom. She's not perfect, she does have her flaws but sometimes it really seems like people put her on a pedestal. I like her but she is very very overrated.

Most underrated character ~ I actually made a video somewhat related to this choice. Check it out here:…

Favourite game ~ I loved Sonic 2 as a kid and I love it now!

Despised game ~ Again do I really need to go into detail on why I hate this game? It's just full of disappointment.

Favourite couple ~ I love these two together! They are pretty much like an old married couple and it's great. Too bad they don't really have a lot of rivalry moments in the games now.

Despised couple ~ As most people know I hate Sonamy. In my opinion there is no build up to suggest that Sonic would just suddenly turn around and proclaim his love to Amy when it's been shown and stated many times that Sonic has no romantic interest in Amy. I know it's canon in Boom but what happens in Boom stays in Boom.

Favourite villain ~ I LOVE BEAN. He is hilarious in the comics yet is also smart when it comes to doing evil missions with his gang, Team Hooligan. I just love him, best villain!

Despised villain ~ Bland and boring. That is all.
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Sonic is my fav to