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Random from Storytime with NightopianFoxGirl

Road to Recovery
Clean white walls glimmering in the light, the echoing sounds of medical equipment through the halls, and the movement of busy bodies attending their patients. The usual day at the Yoka hospital. Nicole had been staying there for a couple weeks ever since the huge domestic bust. She still couldn’t wrap her head around the whole situation. The doctors all said that she was not fully human and her father was to blame. All these years she was his experiment, his weapon to destroy the world and for what? Blind rage and revenge for an honest mistake. She lifted her hospital gown to look at her scars. Those were the ones he used to replace her ventricles with special pulse controllers the doctors’ assumed. Nicole sighed as she released the cloth. She knew her father was cruel, but not like this. She reached for her PET and called for her net navi. He appeared seconds after.
“What’s wrong?”
Bass asked in concern. He could read that she was upset.
“You need
:iconnightopianfoxgirl:NightopianFoxGirl 2 16
A Gaze into the Dark
The clouds gathered around ACDC like a shroud. The city was dull and devoid of its usual color. There wasn’t many on the streets, fearing the rain would ruin their clothes. A lone girl walked down the sleek pavement on her way to her destination. Questions surrounded her mind and only one could answer them. She stopped in front of an antique shop in town. There
was nobody around or inside the old space. She opened the door slowly as the customer bell rang. The lone shopkeeper sat there, eyes closed in a state of calm.
“I expected your presence today.”
Miyu smiled as she faced her customer.
“Miyu, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something.”
The girl said. Miyu took in the sight of her friend. She wasn’t wearing her normal clothes and her long hazel hair was soaked.
“Danny, did you just come from work?”
She asked as the girl folded her umbrella and grabbed a towel out of her bag.
“Sorry Miyu, but a little rain shouldn
:iconnightopianfoxgirl:NightopianFoxGirl 3 22
Harmless Fun
A fine summer day it was in ACDC. The perfect weather to chill outside with your best friends and bask in the rays of the sun. Two residents were taking full advantage of a day like this, relaxing at the pool. Nicole and Danny lied upon inflatable boats, drifting along the water.
“This is just a lovely day to sunbathe.”
Nicole said as she adjusted her sunglasses. Danny turned on her side to face her blond ponytailed friend.
“It’s nice to have moments like this. No homework, no net battling, and no cyber threats.”
“You’re telling me. I’m the Official here.”
Nicole playfully outburst.
“Do you always have to rub that in now, braggy?~”
Danny splashed her younger friend, causing her to flinch back. Nicole screamed and started to splash her back as an all out water war started. Their net navis sat at the edge of the pool and watched their operators play.
“Such a childish display.”
Bass monotonically commented. Star
:iconnightopianfoxgirl:NightopianFoxGirl 3 23
[H_E_L_P] - - - - - ACCESS DENIED
Every morning is the same debate. I thought this was a one time deal, but the problem lingered. I would always win the argument, but I never could win the battle. It has become a daily routine now and not a healthy one at that. Activate early, schedule meetings and events, activate my master’s alarm, ask the chef to prepare his breakfast, fight with him to wake up and get out of bed, then convince him to put the bottle of pills away. The first few times made my circuits grow cold, now it aches because of how long he can drag it on. He was completely convinced that continuing life was pointless. I started to grow numb to the feeling since I processed the situation as routine. I am unable to deny my processors, well I could, but my loyalty prevents me from going against my programming or operator. I would do anything for him, even if it costed my life. I have done it before, he would just reprogram me to become better once the situation was resolved. I could not determine the veloc
:iconnightopianfoxgirl:NightopianFoxGirl 3 31
My Navi {Part 13}
You’re just about caught up with me. Time really does fly when you’re having fun, hu? Anyway, let’s get this final story rolling. Now that summer had come to a close, it was time to head back to school once again. New year, new challenges, and new people to meet. I was looking forward to what was to come. I arrived at school early with Mayl to get our things unpacked. She reminded me that we had a new girl coming in. I kept my thoughts positive about her and waited to see her. Dex and Yai showed up about twenty minutes after we finished organizing our things. Lan . . . was just being the late boy he is. Miss Mari walked in with a bright smile on her face, as usual.
“Good morning class. It’s nice to see you guys back for a new year.”
We all greeted her with joy as she told us to take our seats.
“Now, we have a new student joining our class today. So let’s welcome her with open arms.”
The students started to mutter amongst themselves.
:iconnightopianfoxgirl:NightopianFoxGirl 4 35
My Navi {Part 12}
I carried on with my summer festivities without any interruptions, but I made myself a promise that I would finish one special doll before summer ended. Let me tell you, this doll wanted to make me quit so many times. I hated working with porcelain because of how delicate it was, but it was the only material that I found right for the project. Remember that one special thing I wanted to do for Chaud? Yeah, that’s what I was going for and I had to make everything perfect down to the bone. I wanted this doll to come from the heart and soul. If one little detail felt off, I wouldn’t hesitate to redo it; I wouldn’t mind hurting my fingers more for a better product. Starlight was getting worried about me since I just didn’t know when to stop at some points. She volunteered to continue doing the doll for me, but I absolutely refused the offer. I started it and I’m ending it, even if it amputates my hands. Needless to say, the doll took me two weeks in a half to
:iconnightopianfoxgirl:NightopianFoxGirl 2 25
My Navi {Part 11}
Everything was calm after that tournament. Chaud didn’t call me too often for training and I decided to give my fingers a break from doll making to do some other activities. I started to work for a small fish market as a part time summer job. My boss was definitely funny, but at least I could understand what he was saying. I liked Mr. Masa, he just took me in like one of his crew. It was nice to have a job around the water and around someone who understands it. Masa did most of the fishing while I did the diving. I found some pretty unique items down there besides some squids, clams, and trash. I found a ring down there and used it for a doll belt; such a happy day. Starlight stayed aboard the boat with Masa’s net navi to keep an eye out for changes in weather and ocean currents. Once we finished bringing in our catch, we would bring them to the market to sell. I usually worked four days a week and the rest was up for me to choose. Most of those days would be filled with ha
:iconnightopianfoxgirl:NightopianFoxGirl 3 11
My Navi {Part 10}
I was asleep for most of the morning after what happened last night. Starlight had to wake me up so I didn’t oversleep. For a moment, I thought I was late for the finals. She found my expression to be priceless; I didn’t though. Star read me an email saying that the match was moved to later in the afternoon for final preparations. I wasn’t going to go back to sleep after that scare. I got up and started my morning. I took a shower, changed into a fresh pair of clothes, and had a light breakfast.
“I’m so ready for the final match today. I just can’t stand it anymore!”
Starlight squealed. I felt the same way. I wasn’t scared or doubtful, just excited. If I failed today, at least I know I tried and so would Lan.
“I know girl, just hold your horses.”
I waved at my sister who was still zooming across the room.
“Since we still have some time, how about we head to the arcade again and practice that move some more.”
That i
:iconnightopianfoxgirl:NightopianFoxGirl 2 42
My Navi {Part 9}
The tournament came in so fast, I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to win so bad, it was all I could ever think about. Starlight felt the same way and shared my excitement. She could finally be a part of the cyber world’s society. It was going to be a momentous three days. We told our dad that we entered and asked if he could come. Sadly, he had work most of the tournament, but he would try to make it to the final match. I promised him that I would be one of them if he comes; he didn’t doubt us. He wished us luck and that he would try and get the day off to see us battle. It was enough to put a smile on our faces, I wanted to make him proud of us. The first day of the matches was introductions, bracket set up, and first battles. Chaud and I weren’t on until later so it gave us time to observe our opponents. We stood in a back corner, away from the crowds; to gain some space. I paced back and forth in front of him as I waited for our names to be called.
“I hop
:iconnightopianfoxgirl:NightopianFoxGirl 2 17
My Navi {Part 8}
My schedule had become insanely crowded with school, net battle training, and my online store. I didn’t have a lot of time for myself or other activities. The one thing I was keeping my eye on was a net battle tournament. Higsby was going to have an in-store competition and the grand prize was some really rare battle chips. You needed to have a certain amount of battle points to enter the fights, but there is a hidden catch for those who get past the preliminaries. Chaud already had his points registered and was expecting me to have my points in by the time he returned from his business trip. I was very nervous to enter, especially knowing who else would be watching. Lan and Dex would definitely join the fight. I was scared to show my face thinking they wouldn’t see me as a normal net battler. So I decided to do a dumb thing. I used my leftover doll materials and some upcycled clothes to make myself a disguise. Starlight found it a waste of my efforts since she just wanted
:iconnightopianfoxgirl:NightopianFoxGirl 1 38
My Navi {Part 7}
School carried on normally with no problems in sight. I grew closer to Lan and his small band of friends during that time. They mainly challenged each other to net battles at Higsby’s or at arcades, but every now and again we would hang out and chill. Lan has asked me multiple times to battle with him, but I told him either I couldn’t or Starlight wasn’t there with me. Of course I never gave them her name, all they knew was that my necklace had her emblem on it. I partially lied, but it was one of her markings so . . . . just a little fib. Chaud said that Starlight was nowhere near ready to face someone like Megaman in battle. The only way he would know she was remotely ready was when Starlight could perform the program advances properly. And that was exactly what we were going to do. While I was at Higsby’s with Lan and Dex, Chaud pulled up to pick me up as usual. I just had to sneak away from the two.
“Um, sorry guys. I haft to go.”
I said calmly a
:iconnightopianfoxgirl:NightopianFoxGirl 2 27
My Navi {Part 6}
I would do a day by day progression of our training, but I feel you would get bored of my story if I did. Let’s just say, Chaud is a hardcore trainer but the results do show. I would never imagine we would get to where we were in a matter of a couple months. We still had a lot to learn, but we were finally moving to the more advance moves such as the program advances. Sadly, that would have to wait. My dad enrolled me into a new school that was recommended to him by Dr. Hikari. His son goes there and the school has a very good reputation. It was rather far from where we lived, but I don’t mind the morning walk. Lan messaged me the night before my first day saying he would walk me there. It was very nice of him to do, but that would turn into a slight mistake; I’ll talk about that later. I was nervous that I wouldn’t fit in and be looked upon as a wild animal again just as others have. Starlight reassured me that something like that shouldn’t happen again.
:iconnightopianfoxgirl:NightopianFoxGirl 1 12
My Navi {Part 5}
I woke up to the cold breeze and grey skies. I still was lying in that chair from last night. I wished my dreams didn’t fade away so soon. For a moment I thought I heard the ocean, but I was mistaken. I got up and stretched for a moment.
“What time is it?”
I muttered to myself as I grabbed my PET. I checked the time and noticed that I had a voice message left for me . . . . at 12:47 AM. Who leaves a message at that time of night?! My PET didn’t show any name, just a number. It couldn’t of been my dad, he knows I would be sleeping by ten. This had to be some type of mistake. I played back the message to see who it was.
“I received your message about my offer. Meet me at Higsby’s at 7 AM tomorrow . . . and please learn how to leave a proper message on an answering machine.”
It was Chaud. He actually got back to me. I smiled at the thought that Chaud was going to help Starlight. Life finally gave us a break. I went inside and started my morn
:iconnightopianfoxgirl:NightopianFoxGirl 3 25
Mature content
Dark Secret :iconnightopianfoxgirl:NightopianFoxGirl 2 33
My Navi {Part 4}
After awhile, I still could hear the sound of rain around me, but I couldn’t feel it against my skin. At this point, I thought I grew numb to the rain since I was so cold, but something prompted me to check. I looked up to see someone holding an umbrella over us. It was Chaud. Why was he here and how did he find us?
“I’m assuming you’re lost.”
He spoke in a calm tone.
“Um . . . Yeah. . . .”
Out of all the people, why did it have to be him?
“I saw those three guys at the bridge with your backpack. Once they told me what happened I was hoping you would be okay.”
“Do I look ‘okay’ to you?” I would of said out loud, but I was desperate, any help at this point would be accepted. At least it was someone I could recognize. He held out his hand towards me and offered it to me. I hesitantly reached out and grabbed his hand. He pulled me forward and onto my feet.
“Those three won’t be causing you trouble an
:iconnightopianfoxgirl:NightopianFoxGirl 1 8
My Navi {Part 3}
Summer passed away too quickly for us. Now I had to enter back into that hell I called a school. Maybe they would stop teasing me a bit for having a net navi. Sadly, the teasing never stopped, it actually got worst. Talk about prejudice. I was still pushed around, beaten up, and left on the ground, but at least Starlight was there for me. We continued to live our lives as if this was normal and through these perils, we become stronger together. It was like we were inseparable. We still watched net battles after school, learning peoples' strategies and moves. Starlight ever grew in her interest for net battling with a burning fire. I couldn’t deny it so I was going to help her with that. Dad told me that she was first programmed in the beginning of May. I considered that as Starlight’s birthday and wanted to treat her to something special when the time came around. Throughout the year, I saved enough money to purchase some battle chips for her. The countless all night works
:iconnightopianfoxgirl:NightopianFoxGirl 1 12

So Familiar



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Danny and I are now together in Sword Art Online: Integral Factor.

heh, i hope you don't mind x'D
I have noticed i have one Commentor who always hides his comments on my pictures.
to me it matters not who or why. i just wanna make sure that person (sense i asume they are watching me) knows that if you hide a comment i also can't read it. so to you, your are kinda wasting your own time if you write a comment then hide it.

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