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Secret Santa's Harem 2012

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 17, 2012, 10:06 AM

Secret Santa's Instructions

Well Santa's Harem, ----> :iconsantas-harem:

This year I've been spending time developing my style.

So in that vein, I want to see you draw in your own style! Be creative
and use your artistic license. Experiment, try out a new technique. Pick
an item from the list below and get going! I'm excited to see what
you come up with.

Draw my OC Jan. She's still a sort of prototype so I'm
not attached to anything at the moment!

Short Jan - Cover by nicole-m-scott 100. - Relaxation by nicole-m-scott

Draw my incredibly neglected alternate persona Cottie. I don't have
any plans to do anything specific with her. But I may redraw her to
make myself feel better about my crap artwork from back then...

Teenage/Child-like Cottie --->

Mature Content

+:Cherry Cordial:+ by nicole-m-scott
:+Tutti Frutti+: by nicole-m-scott :+Irritated Cotton Candy+: by nicole-m-scott

Adult Cottie ---> Feisty Cottie Portrait by nicole-m-scott Cotton Candy Pxl id by nicole-m-scott +:Cotton Candy Realistic:+ by nicole-m-scott

Draw something you thik I would like.... Puruse through my gallery/scraps
and see what I do. Then draw something you think would be awesome. Simple? Yep.

Thanks in advance Super Secret Santa!


Vector Commissions Open

Full disclosure on the left side of my page. Prices may be lowered if I get the sense that they are too high. I will be open indefinitely until something prompts me to temporarily close (i.e. - Deviantart's annual Christmas Secret Santa things or my requisite Christmas/New Year/Birthday trifecta where I fall off the face of the planet "me" time).

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Submitted on
November 17, 2012