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Location  chile
cs6 & wacom
thank you for view :heart:
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That is one helluva sexual Predator.

...That came out wrong. :B

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jajajaj thank you! 🖤

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Very nice! The much-discussed and oft-imagined female predator :la: Good work, too.

But iz an jaguar ... !!!!!

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thank you so much:huggle:

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Que excelente! You did amazing work!

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Muy impresionante ilustración. Que bueno ver tu trabajo d en nuevo.

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muchas gracias alfonsso, intentare ser mas activa :D

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The female yautja is looking for Dutch to avenge the death of her mate. The 1987 film

is a classic and Predator 2 is just as good. Predator 2018 was okay as well. Sweet job, chica.

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100% agree with your opinion of the movies, the first film is my favorite and thanks for commenting :heart:

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I remember reading in Alien vs Predator, a pocket book, that among the Yautja, the ladies are supposedly significantly larger, stronger and deadlier than the guys... Yikes!

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ohh:heart: I'll look for the book, thanks for stopping by!!:hug:

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This is the one... but I'm afraid it gives no detailed description how a female yautja looks like (other than being significantly larger and stronger than the males and having breasts.)

512pJ6YyabL. SX302 BO1,204,203,200
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Thanks for the image, I will search although in Spanish, I hope to find it ^^;

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do you think you can draw an elven city next?

If you want some inspiration I would suggest you to search on elven cities from the first age of Lord of The Rings. Gondolin, Alqualonde, Nargothrond, Doriath, Tirion,...

Also the warcraft elven cities like Silvermoon, Suramar and Zin Azshari

or Lux Aurea from The Dragon Prince

and there is also this elven city atop a volcano

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It sounds very interesting, I will try but it will take a long time, thank you very much for commenting!:huggle:

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