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"The Fear"; "A Penny For Your Thoughts" and "The Howling Man"

in their two versions, the vectorial digital and the traditional in 30 x 17 cm each.



  • Listening to: Electronic; industrial; Ambient
  • Reading: Interesting Posts and several quotes
  • Watching: Intelectual cinema
  • Eating: Cereals and vegetables. Salt free.
  • Drinking: Water; fruit juices; green tea; soja milk...

Screen-Shot-2015-05-20-at-11.48.43-AM by NicolasVisceglio

Is the Power in Foucault, the Star Wars's Force? Or it would be, always, and in all cases, in a major or lesser measure, the Dark Side of the Force? 

¿Es el Poder en Foucault, la Fuerza de La Guerra de las Galaxias? ¿O se trataría, siempre, y en todos los casos, en mayor o menor medida, del Lado Oscuro de la Fuerza?


  • Listening to: Ocadium discography
  • Eating: Cereals and vegetables. Salt free.
  • Drinking: Water; mate; coffe and soja milk.

Work and education at the same time, from the beginning of life. A rotating system in which all individuals can spend their working lives exchanging knowledge and performing the full range of available tasks, changing roles and specialties, according to their needs. A dynamic system that constantly update itself according to the needs of the individuals that integrate it, in constant communication and discussion, in which decisions are taken dialectically and where it is imposed only the biggest reason, always in movement. A system that is increasingly true reflection of the individuals that integrate it, more and more perfect themselves.

Notas Para El Nuevo Mundo


Trabajo y educación al mismo tiempo, desde el comienzo de la vida. Un sistema rotativo en el que todos los individuos puedan pasar su vida laboral intercambiando conocimiento y desempeñando toda la gama de tareas disponibles, cambiando de roles y especialidades, de acuerdo con sus necesidades. Un sistema dinámico, que se actualice constantemente, de acuerdo con las necesidades de los individuos que lo integran, en constante comunicación y discusión, en el que las decisiones se tomen dialécticamente y se imponga solo la razón mayor, siempre en movimiento.  Un sistema que sea un reflejo cada vez más fiel de los individuos que lo integran, cada vez más perfectos.

  • Listening to: XET​/​GÜS by Tiger Mendoza
  • Watching: Libroteca
  • Eating: Cereals and vegetables. Salt free.
  • Drinking: Water; mate; coffe and soja milk.

History is the history of evil, written by souls in pain. A complex S.O.S. message, thrown in a bottle, to the sea of time; waiting to be found, but, more particularly, decrypted, since it has been written with fear and evil, abundant in labyrinthine contradictions and misleading paradoxes, where the castaway claims to be savior, and the savior, is accused of being a castaway.

La Historia es la Historia del Mal

La historia es la historia del mal, escrita por almas en pena. Un complejo pedido de socorro, arrojado en una botella, al mar de los tiempos; esperando ser encontrado, más, sobre todo, descifrado, pues ha sido escrito con miedo y maldad, abundante en laberínticas contradicciones y engañosas paradojas, donde el náufrago asegura ser salvador, y el salvador, es acusado de náufrago.

  • Listening to: Classical; synth.
  • Reading: Erotic Literature.
  • Watching: The Curse of the Werewolf (1961)
  • Eating: Cereals and vegetables. Salt free.
  • Drinking: Water, green tea and soja milk.

In the core of popular culture, we can find, these days, certain complexity due to the “in your face” style, which many times use irony, or very dark metaphors, to express high culture ideas, but it is sensed sometimes, (maybe, others, obvious) an emptiness of meaning or a negative propaganda. Is the case of the so-called synthwave music: A revival of the synth soundtracks; pop music and other candies from the eighties and nineties. A very interesting example of this ambiguous consistency between form and content could be the work of a talented young musician known as Perturbator. This DJ-composer brings us an exquisite repertory through various releases available for free in lossless format on Bandcamp. The quality of the music is beyond any question. But, ¿What about the message? ¿Is it a disguised critique to the system's grotesque contradictions? ¿Or just a stupid content in a sophisticated form?

  • Listening to: Classical
  • Watching: Fury (1936)
  • Eating: Cereals and vegetables salt free
  • Drinking: Water, green tea and soja milk
• How long have you been on DeviantArt?

Seven years, maybe more, in three or four different accounts, one at the time.

• What does your username mean?

Is my complete real name.

• Describe yourself in three words.

Art; philosophy; morphology.

• Are you left or right handed?

I find the question disturbing sins I reach to perfect symmetry in everything. But I should say right handed.

• What was your first deviation?

Maybe Who; Zen or Morpheus, I don’t remember.

• What is your favorite type of art to create?

Minimalistic; conceptual; symbolic.

• If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

Not different, same: multidisciplinary.

• What was your first favorite?

Maybe Retrofucation icons. I don't remember.

• What type of art do you tend to favorite the most?

No preference.

• Who is your all-time favorite deviant artist?


• If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?


• How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

Well, neiio always impact on the PC customization.
Many people, in many ways.

• What are your preferred tools to create art?

Inkscape and Gimp.

• What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

Peaceful places, of course. 

•  What is your favorite DeviantArt memory?

 Many. Love. Frienship. Art. Philosopy... One day,  neiio made a little competition wich I won, with a premium for a week as price.

  • Listening to: Classical
  • Watching: Fury (1936)
  • Eating: Cereals and vegetables salt free
  • Drinking: Water, green tea and soja milk

We need to develop dynamic curricula for primary and secondary school, updated to the new thinking for a system, dynamic also, based on responsibility and equal access to resources, material and intellectual, rather than in competition and despair. Classrooms must be transformed into agoras-workshops, where we can discuss the Greatest Good issues and learn and develop the correspondent application in all fields of Being activity.

Comencemos por el Principio

Es necesario desarrollar planes de estudio dinámicos para la escuela primaria y secundaria, actualizados al nuevo pensamiento para un sistema también dinámico basado en la responsabilidad y la igualdad de acceso a los recursos, materiales e intelectuales, en lugar de en la competencia y la desesperación. Las aulas deben transformarse en ágoras-talleres, donde se discuta sobre cuestiones del Mayor Bien y se aprendan y desarrollen las aplicaciones correspondientes en todos los campos de la actividad del Ser.

  • Listening to: Frank Sinatra - Best of the Best [flac]
  • Watching: The Twilight Zone (1959 - 1964)
  • Eating: Cereals and vegetables salt free
  • Drinking: Water, green tea and soja milk

Genesis by NicolasVisceglio

I am, artistically, in science.

Everything related with the pursuit of seductive objectives, is an attempt of manipulation. The truth is a society in which science updates itself dialectically, in the service of the greater good.


Todo aquello que se relacione con la persecución de objetivos seductores, es un intento de manipulación. La verdad es una sociedad en la que la ciencia se actualiza dialécticamente, al servicio del bien mayor.

To defeat lobbyism, as with any other stagnating situation, why must start with our own circles of relationship.

  • Drinking: Mate

Acaso la ficción debiera ser más verdadera que la realidad, constituyéndose en una solución esta.

  • Listening to: Trixter (1990)
Internet is the cocoon of the flower that will be the new world.
Virtue is the childhood of order.

La virtud es la infancia del orden.

The denial of immortality leads to vice, because it aims to reach infinity regardless of the temporary extension and confining it to space.



La negación de la inmortalidad conduce al vicio, pues pretende alcanzar el infinito prescindiendo de la extensión temporal y circunscribiéndose a la espacial.

-Black or white?
-Good, because black is forbidden.
-May I ask why?
-Then maybe I should pass on white too, at least for the moment.

Justice by NicolasVisceglio

I don't think we people really care about others judgment towards us, but simply tolerate it when it's good, and, in this case, some fantasize with a definitive ultimate release. The problem of justice concern more to innocence, health and philosophy, general and personal, than to judges of others. It is therefore ultimately a matter of individual responsibility. A justice system should also be a science that decide what is best, and what better to attempt it.

Sobre la justicia

No creo que a las personas realmente nos interese el juicio de los demás hacia nosotros, sino que simplemente lo toleramos cuando es bueno, y, en este caso, algunos fantasean con una liberación definitiva. El problema de la justicia atañe más a la inocencia, la salud y la filosofía, general y personal, que al juez del prójimo. Es, pues, en definitiva, un asunto de responsabilidad particular. Un sistema de justicia debe ser también una ciencia que decida qué es lo mejor, y qué lo mejor para procurarlo.

You know, the thing about Agent Smith is that
It gets crazy.
The good is innocence,
and evil, the loss of this.
Justice is what happens immediately after,
and consciousness, perfection.

El bien es la inocencia,
Y el mal, la perdida de esta.
La justicia es lo que sucede inmediatamente después,
Y la conciencia, la perfección.

"Stick to sex", said the smilling mask under the sea.