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I realised a couple of weeks back I was doing Flight of the Binturong a great disservice by not giving it more attention here on my dA Gallery. So, I quickly put pen to paper in-between the cavalcade of commisions and pages and came up with a poster to entice all potential readers out there into joining this space adventure.

FotB is written by the talented Sal Crivelli, drawn by me and colored by the amazing Pedro Figue; it tells the story of a group of space mechanics sent to recover a lost spaceship with an alarming record of losing its entire crew mysteriously. If it sounds familiar, it's because it is. You see, FotB is built upon the great classics of sci-fi like ALIEN, Blade Runner, Event Horizon and so forth of which we're a fan of and it doesn't try to shy away from its influences. The originality in it is the treatment that is given to these characters and the differences in the world they inhabit. Like I said, familiar, but different. You'll find yourself thristing to know more about evil corporations, space pirates and future technology with each update. You'll become a new member of the crew and have the greatest fun and adventure with it!

As for the artwork itself, my department, I can honestly say I've poured the same ammount of detail that I'm used to and perhaps even more. Not being constrained to color this myself, I have been able to build a lot of layers of storytelling to the pages which make this story completely immersive. There's the characters, but there's also the ships, the tech and many more things. The atmosphere I've managed to convey as well as the interaction between characters in such closed quarters makes for a great exploration on expresiveness and human drama.

So, enough patting me in the back. I hope this poster catches your attention and that you come by the webcomic's official website at and leave a comment letting us know what you think! We can only do better if we have your opinion and input.

I hope you all had a great weekend and be on the lookout for some more updates from me in the coming days!

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Good title choice, first off. Secondly, I'm really enjoying the dark, gritty, hard-sci-fi look of this. It very much reminds me of the films you mentioned, but doesn't seem to be copying them. Good work. :)