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Hey folks!

It's been a LONG while since I've updated this Gallery.

I've mostly been keeping up an account of my artistic endeavors elsewhere (FB and Instagram), places where I've seen some of you follow me over. Others, however, I've sadly lost track of since leaving this humble corner of cyberspace. 
A lot has happened in-between: lots of projects, many new ideas and evolving skills, style tests and art challenges. And besides the purely artistic, there's also been life amidst the pandemic, which I rather not recollect No, I disagree! Here on dA, which I've kept track of despite my not posting, I've received another DD, surpassed the amazing 1 million pageviews milestone and kept growing a healthy 10K+ audience, which are all factors I won't scoff at! This site was the first one I joined since becoming a professional artist and much of my career was built around the encouragement and support you all have given me.

So, after giving it much thought, I thinking I might try and get back on the swing on things over here. I'll dust off the cobwebs and try to keep up as much as possible, though I may not be able to reply as throroughly as I used to; rest assured I always read every single word you take your time to send me. We'll see how it goes Sweating a little... 

As for this particular piece, it's going to be the cover of my very first Art Book, collecting a series of sci-fi, erotic illustrations I've been posting over at Instagram, following the #marchofrobots2021 challenge. You can follow this link to get notified of the upcoming Kickstarter:…

I hope you're all doing well (whoever is out there still!) and hope to see you around!

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Dear Master Nicolas, I’m very glad to know that you’re still out there and doing well - One would really, really love to see you come back to (because while I’ve had my own problems working through technical difficulties with this site, I can still do enough to keep up to date with old and much admired correspondents!).

I hope you WILL come back to us

more often - one would absolutely love to see more of your excellent works and would be utterly delighted to finally commission some work of art from you - but if you do not, then please allow me to wish you health, happiness and every success wheresoever you end up hanging out your shingle.

Keep Well and please do keep up the Good Work!

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new phone who dis?

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Welcome back buddy! It’s been too long
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The Return of the King!

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Welcome back to this old wreck of a website :)

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Welcome back, missed your art so much !!!

Oh thank gods ! Welcome back !

I must say I find instagram and fb extremely impractical for following artists. I much much prefer DA or Artstation to those.

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Ahh, this looks great! I always love cool robotgirl art. Good to see you upload again! Made sure to follow your instagram so I can keep up!

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Hello Again. Also Excellent Work.

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glad to see you again, i thought you left forever

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Oh, thank goodness, you're still alive. That's a relief.

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Beautiful! Maybe I'll join #marchofrobots next year ;)

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