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Morale restored!

Happy Thor's Day, my friends!

It's been quite a busy week so far, which explains my lack of updates here on the Gallery. That said, some of the work I've been doing includes many of the long overdue commissions I always speak about. Those that the clients have been kind enough to wait years for; this is one such piece. I enhanced the original request's size and doubled it, making my best effort to fill the scene with details to make up for the lost time.

This is an illustration for BrookM, featuring his female Imperial Commissar Eve Hauser, leading the brave men of the Emperor's Hammer into battle. I've always loved the depictions of female Imperial officers though some of them are, shall we say, too heavy on the sexy factor :P  This character, on the contrary, is fierce and strong and dons her Imperial rank with powerful determination. I made it an objective to make her beautiful, yet still wearing practical protective armor; I hope I've succeeded. 
I especially like the Dark Millenium's palette, which allows me to use darker tones. I like the fact that the background is a subdued grayscale, which enhances the main character in the foreground but also makes for a very interesting, detail-filled backdrop.

I hope you all enjoy this one and see you soon with more illustrations!


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mark 6 webley
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she looks great, i like her hat. The symbol and the hat itself looks like it belongs to M. bison from street fighter. Could be his duaghter taking the fight.
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Love it, great art and great colouring.
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(How did I miss this?!)

I admit that cheesecake can be fun to see, and some artists can get entertainingly "out there" with their designs.  And some go for the tried-and-true 'Drive closer, I want to hit it with my sword,' trope.  Which is also fun.  This isn't to put down any of those motifs!

But this... THIS is outstanding.  The intensity and the force of personality, the sense that she will either go through you or kill you to lead from the front....  Really, really great, and this embodies what the WH40K universe can be at it's best!
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Hey J! 

Thank you very, very much for the compliments. This is still one of my favourite pieces I've done of the Dark millenium and for all the reasons you've just stated; I'm glad that I could catch lightning in a bottle with this one and that my love for the Warhammer 40,000 universe has shone through in this piece.

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carrying a Webley too... Well if you need stopping power it's a good choice.
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You are welcome.
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Fantastic depiction of a good strong Imperial officer may she lead the charge with zeal and fury afforded to her by the most holy emperor!
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Well said! For the Emperor!

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PRAISE the God-Emperor for this excellent artwork of His most loyal servants!
Also it looks super awesome.
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Thank you so much, m'lady! Praise The Emperor indeed!

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Wow! You really nailed the area of "beautiful but realistic" female commissar! The Emprah commends you, sir!
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You stole the words right out of my mouth. 

But seriously, this is some great art. I love it, thank you, NicolasR. 
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Thank you, Ian!

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Don't know why but I really like she wields a stubb revolver and that she's wearing realistic armour. Great work!
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Thank you very much! Those two details defined her, to be honest, so I'm glad they stick out the most.

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no worries dude! totally awesome stuff.
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Excellent work sir!
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