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MiniMasterpieces - Jaq Draco

Hello there, watchers and watcherettes...

Well, my latest poll clearly revealed the love that many (many!) of you have for my renditions of the Dark Millenium, of which I'm both proud and a little taken aback by. I never actually thought that the theme I'd be mostly recognised for would have been Space Marines. Given how apalled with my style everyone was when I started posting in the B&C almost 5 years ago.
But I welcome the warm embrace of the wargaming community and here's to you!

This time I bring you Inquisitor Jaq Draco, the first reknowned Ordos operative to have his stories published, if my memory serves me. As a matter of fact, this illustration is based upon a miniature provided by the client, which in turn was based upon John Blanche's own rendition of the character long ago, whom resembled Sean Connery. I tried to have a little Connery flavour in my own interpretation and I think I achieved it!

So, Im qite proud of this piece and I hope you will support it as you've done all of The Emperor's works :worship:

The Emperor Protects!


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Draco's little love quest is a very intresting book isnt it?

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Gracias por sta Hombre 
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Gracias a ti pro el aprecio :D

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hell yeah jac dracos the man. now make grimm!
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As far as I'm concerned the book Inquisitor pretty much set the mould for me what an imperial inquisitor is.
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It's very nice, but I recall Draco having black hair...or is that just me?
Good old Inquisitor.

Bought Inquisition War in May, was a great read.


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I had not heard of him before, but he looks very good from the description you've provided, especially the shaun connery look.
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Sean Connery in space. I LOVE IT
Great depiction! As always your artistry never fails to impress.

However, his series was the worst books I have ever read out of 40k. I'm glad that something good came from it :)
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Love it! One question though : he seems to be in terminator armour, is there any record of (a) inquisitors with astartes gene seed modifications or (b) astartes promoted to inquisitor or (c) terminator armour for non-astartes? We know there's oversized primarch terminator armour, as exemplified by Horus's one, but are there smaller versions?
I haven't read the Inquisition books, but I hear they're quite good. Your take on them?
I loved your style from the start and love it more with time. Now go draw some Eldar!
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Thank you very much for the compliments, Armel! Jaq, as seen here, is indeed in Power Armour. As a matter of fact, I think the very cover to 'Inquisitor', the first part of Draco's adventures featured him with such weaponry.
I don't consider mself a fluff nazi, but i do know enough to tell you that there are many Inquisitors that have sported power armour. As I understand it, power armour can be used without all of the Space Marine implants. Of course, it will not be as effective as the SMs second skin, but it is a good armour.

I haven't read 'The Inquisition War', the Draco Omnibus, but I have read both 'Eisenhorn' and 'Ravenor' from Dan Abnett and I loved them. A true display of the very best the Dark Millenium has to offer.

I have some Eldar illustrations coming along soon, so stay tuned and thanks again!

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Just finished reading the Inquistion war recently, now there was a weird series of books. I was actually thinking of having a crack at Draco myself, not that it'd come up to your standards of course.
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Cool. Love the armour and design in general, but I was pretty shocked to see it was supposed to be Draco. From the novels, the mental image I got was of someone distinctly physically unimpressive and completely neurotic/insane. Someone more along the lines of the "Thomas Schiff" character from The Dark Knight than the heroic warrior-Inquisitor seen here.
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No suelo dejar comentarios (pertenezco al colectivo de autores silenciosos) pero prácticamente añado a mis favoritos una de cada dos piezas de arte tuyas. Creo que tienes una visión del Milenio Siniestro increíble y por supuesto, con una identidad inimitable; digamos que es fácil reconocer tu trabajo.

Es curioso eso que comentas sobre cómo predomina el reconocimiento de tus fanarts sobre Warhammer 40,000 antes que en obras más personales. En mi galería ocurre el mismo fenómeno. Supongo que no tiene por qué ser malo al enfocarlo a tu manera.

Bueno, siento comunicarme directamente en español. Es normal considerarlo un poco grosero, pero no encontraba las palabras en inglés para expresarme. Sería estupendo colaborar en algún trabajo en el futuro. Keep the good work mate!
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¡Pues una de cada dos es un numerazo, Jonathan! Te agradezco mucho tus palabras y no hay problema en que hayas optado por el español. Es una hermosa lengua la nuestra y deberiamos ejercitarla más, incluso en lugares tan anglosajones como dA.

Me alegra y me llena de humildad saber que mi arte del Milenio Oscuro encaja tan bien con la visión que muchos fans de la comunidad wargamera tienen de él. Como dije, cuando empecé a ilustrar Warhammer 40,00, la mayoria estaban horrorizados ante mi estilo. Y hoy, por suerte, hasta el mismisimo Dan Abnett me ha hecho saber lo bien visto que esta mi trabajo.

Aunque muchas veces sucede que el autor no prefiere o gusta de lo mismo que sus fans, no voy a ser tan desagradecido como para no presentar mis respetos al Emperador. Es gracias a él, que hoy tengo el nombre que tengo.

Un abrazo y gracias de nuevo por pasar.

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Oh man I absolutely love this! I'm a huge Draco fan (although I hated the way it ended), and I think Connery's image and personality fit Draco perfectly. Think you'll do a shot in the future of him with the other characters in his book, similar to your Eisenhorn and Ravenor pieces? I think a shot with him, the Imperial Fist, the Squat and the Assassin together would be extremely cool.
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I am depressed to hear your stuff was recieved so poorly as looking back over what older stuff you have posted I see nothing wrong with them.
What I do see in them and your new ones is an amazing growth in content, composition and detail. I hate to say your best work is 40k stuff but it definately is my favourite of your stuff. Also loving the new web comic too.
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Oh, yeah. He does look a bit like Sir Connery. The best bit I like is the little spurt of flames that come up in front of him.
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Dude! Absolutely fantastic! I love the "old" books and the weird images they use to describe stuff and I'm a huge fan of the characters. The Connery flavour is very recognizable and fits very well for Jaq I think. Great idea.

OMG, PLEASE do the other chars as well. Meh'lindi, Lexandro D'Arquebus (with his two deceased Traxlorbrothers?), Grimm and ... yeah.
Uh, so many images come up right now - have to read the books again!
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You are the best Warhamer 40k artist out there. Games workshop should hire you.
Anybody who says anything else has his head up his ass.
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