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Hey folks!

As I've said before, I've been plenty busy for the past few months, which is why updates have been scarce over here. However, that doesn't mean I've been idle when it comes to warm-ups, which I do every morning before tackling proper work. So, without further ado, I'll post some of the pieces that have come out of the daily excersising and hope you enjoy!

Obviously, when I let loose and just follow the lines trying to do something pleaseant for myself, the Dark Millenium emerges. It's such a rich background that I'm constantly discovering diferrent corners of it or, in this case, bringing forth the infamous greenskins to life :D Orks are another of those characters I don't often get to do but I have a lot of fun with. Especially since my aim with these warm-ups is to step out of my usual comfort zones and do much more exaggerated features, these boyz are perfect for such a task.
Also, you'll notice a slight shift in style for these, which is purposeful; one of the main things I try to do with these pieces is challenge myself to stretch, twist and strip my rendering to its bare bones and explore what works within it and what doesn't. 

As usual, I hope you enjoy and thank you so much for the constant support and encouragement! 

See you soon.

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 "Dat's da stuff, dat's WELL 'ARD!"
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i love this tone of green
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The greenskins!
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best orc is dead orc
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Nice punchy style! One heck of a warmup ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
Good job!
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Waaaaaaagh!!!! Smash the humies!
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