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It's been... what? 6 months? The Emperor does work in mysterious, slow ways... :D

However, here he is, finally! Vulkan! My latest Primarch and the glory of Nocturne. I hope the piece is worth the wait.
A while ago I posted a Poll here on dA about what Chapter would suit a strip if I worked on one and the Salamanders won (which surprised me a lot!). In-between, many things befell the project and even though I can't now entirely say I will do it, I hope this image is consolation enough for you Sallies fans out there.

I'm quite proud of certain details, especially the skin colour, which I've tried to improve from my last Salamander interpretation. There's been a lot of discussion about whether the Salamanders are african or caucasian with jet black skin. And since the latest Rulebook says the latter, I still figured they had african features. Thus, with my usual artistic license (as with Magnus' eye!), I combined both ideas, which look quite good to me :P...

I hope you enjoy it and see you soon!


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He will boop the snoot. Even if it is a Catachan Barking Toad.
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Not from Star Trek.
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I Love your Style of Art! :) 
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Thank you, man! :D

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Vulkan: "And now I have returned, to bring peace and friendship to the entire Imperium...No matter what the voices in my say!"
Ghostly Ferrus Manus: "YOU AE WEEEAK VULKAN."
Vulkan: "Shut your not-face, brainghost Ferrus! You are not friend..."
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I finally get it. Love that show!
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,,Vulkan is death AGAIHAHAHAHAaaaaaan."
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"You are dumb, Vulkan! DUMB!"
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It was but a simple BOOP!
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Oh man, this salamander is so well drawn.
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Thank you, man! It's actually Vulkan himself, so I had to make an extra effort to make him look as majestic as possible ;)

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I must admit that I imagine that the natives of Nocturne are naturally dark-skinned, made inhumanly so by their Primarch's gene-seed (mostly because Mr Idris Elba would make an AWESOME son-of-Vulkan Salamander).
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I always figured Salamanders were caucasian with jet black skin because of their gene-seed, and not black because of cultural origin or whatever.
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You did glorious justice to my favorite Primarch! I love the details, the coloring, the technological bits; it's glorious!

I'm very much in favor of greater cultural diversity and ethnicities in the Imperium of Man (the idea of almost everyone being Caucasian just makes no sense at all) and I favor the idea that the original settlers upon Nocturne were of African origin. You did a fine job conveying his African features; well done!

I like to imagine those nozzles on his gauntlets are miniature flamers :)
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amazing details, and armor. Also is he the only black guy in the war hammer 40k universe. 

please respond. 
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...whereas Vulkan is my favorite of the faithful Primarch's
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More sons of vulkan plz
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Killer, killer, killer!!!!! :+fav:
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hail the primarks
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I coulda swore that Vulkan was chalk white skinned. OH well, Great none the less.
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