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Happy Friday, watchers and watcherettes!

This has been quite a silent week for me here in the Gallery (work's been very hectic!), but hopefully this image will help revitalise it.

This is another work done for a very dear and long-time client, who's recently commissioned me to do a series of portraits of her various incarnations in Dark Millenium roleplaying campaigns, starting with Titan Moderati, Banda Schneider. She's the foremother of Ana Larkin, the Imperial Assassin I've rendered in these images:

Banda was a Legio Mortis Moderati in the times of the Horus Heresy, so it was a challenge for me to convey that acestry to her features as wel as depicting a Titan cockpit (which I'd never illustrated before!). I'm proud of the outcome, as usual and I love how 'retro' these designs all look within the frame of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. I also can't help but feel happy at the looming sillohuete of the Imperial Titan as seen through the screen shield of the command station.
There'll be more images coming of this long-standing clan

So, as usual, I'd love to hear anything you have to say about this one (if you want to say anything at all!) and hope you have a fantastic weekend.


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It's always great to see unusual scenes from the 40k universe. It gives more depth to this fantastic lore. For example, I just love the casualness with wich miss Schneider is co-driving the God-Machine, no doubt wrecking havoc around.
On the other hand, her left thumb seems somewhat...odd.
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I like Titan crews. I'm not sure why there are so few pictures of Titan crews or even Titans for that matter.

If I had my pick, I would pilot a Warhound Titan. Just give me a Vulcan Mega Bolter and Plasma Blast Gun and I'll stalk my way through the towering debris of 40k worlds, slaying swathes of enemy units before they know whats hit them.

Great picture.
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It's funny you mention Legio Mortis, they had a rather costly battle with Legio Tempestus in the Horus Heresy novel "Mechanicum." Being that her legio turned to Chaos, how would that sit with Ana? Or would she even know of her family's treasonous past?
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I answer you... as Banda and Ana are my characters. The first game I played was with Banda (It was some years ago when only existed the first 3 books of Horus Heresy in Spain). I liked Legio Mortis, bcause of that I decided to create one of them... obviusly, Banda becames at the end of the game a traitor and dies (I follow Horus until the end!!!). After that, we make a new Dark Herey play, but not in 30K. In this case it was in 40K, and Ana was a 10.000 years after, a descendant of Banda. Obviusly they do not meet each other... but discovers part of the stoy.
It was great!

Por otro lado, no suelo entrar para comentar, pero decirte Nico que me encanta como has sacado a Banda :) Siempre sabes reflejar a la perfección la fuerza de mis personajes.

Muchas gracias!!

como crees que estara ana cuando sepa que una desendiente estuvo con el archi-traidor? no es exactamente el tipo de lazos familiares que uno espera
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fabuloso mi hermano! como siempre!
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Women on a Titan, Warhammer has changed...
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Ow, come on. In w40k, the grimdark spares no one. It's like an utopia :D!
MaKo85's avatar
Yeah, you can keep your 'utopia'.
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must have been hanging out with 40kers too much, I read your comment as works ben HERETIC....
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I will admit that there are times when I want to leave 40K and such behind me and move into other territories. Then images like this come along and remind me why I love 40K. It's not the guys in power armour beating each down into the dust, or alien swarms darkening the skies while daemons pop out from warp portals.

Its humanity.

That humans can be the dominant force in the galaxy, have technology that we would consider wonderous, but that they consider magic. That human ingenuity can create walking cathedrals hundreds of meters in height and allow a vast range of information to be given in holographic displays and is yet still barbaric enough to decide that there is no other option to control a titan effectively than to drill a couple of jacks into someone's skull.

It's that mix of the barbaric and the high technology that makes me love 40K and that is what is perfectly exemplified in this piece.
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Wish I had those. It'd make CAD a lot easier to use.

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Very direct title.
And the glow from the screens is lovely.
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