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Happy Friday, watchers and watcherettes!

This has been quite a silent week for me here in the Gallery (work's been very hectic!), but hopefully this image will help revitalise it.

This is another work done for a very dear and long-time client, who's recently commissioned me to do a series of portraits of her various incarnations in Dark Millenium roleplaying campaigns, starting with Titan Moderati, Banda Schneider. She's the foremother of Ana Larkin, the Imperial Assassin I've rendered in these images:

Banda was a Legio Mortis Moderati in the times of the Horus Heresy, so it was a challenge for me to convey that acestry to her features as wel as depicting a Titan cockpit (which I'd never illustrated before!). I'm proud of the outcome, as usual and I love how 'retro' these designs all look within the frame of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. I also can't help but feel happy at the looming sillohuete of the Imperial Titan as seen through the screen shield of the command station.
There'll be more images coming of this long-standing clan

So, as usual, I'd love to hear anything you have to say about this one (if you want to say anything at all!) and hope you have a fantastic weekend.


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It's always great to see unusual scenes from the 40k universe. It gives more depth to this fantastic lore. For example, I just love the casualness with wich miss Schneider is co-driving the God-Machine, no doubt wrecking havoc around.
On the other hand, her left thumb seems somewhat...odd.