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Well, my latest upload didn't hold your interest a lot (except for those hardcore fans of good ol' 2000AD-vibe Sci-Fi), so I hope you get a kick out of this one...

My latest Primarch in the Libris Primaris project: Angron, Primarch of the World Eaters Legion.
As usual, I'm quite proud of how this illustration one turned out, especially considering I did take a lot of liberties with it.
There's an official representation of Angron, which I didn't hold too close to my chest when coming up with my own vision. To me, his gladiatorial past was paramount to the character as well as the whole anger stance he should have. On top of that, I also envisioned this Primarch to be like Alpharius: closer to the rank and file soldier than high up above them. Getting dirty is a must for a leader who's watched in horror how all of his battle brothers were slaughtered in his homeworld.

There are a few details I'd like to point out and which hold particular interest to me: the gory axe versus the white of his armour are something I love. I thought about the grim fact that white armour would likely be moist with blood all the time, making it more noticeable and terrible to behold; I chose it over the gold of the official.
The tattoos are also something I'm fond of. From afar it looks like it's blood, but when you look closely you see they have a pattern. Thus, he looks as if his whole face was drenched in blood. Also, I've featured a stubble on him as well. I didn't reckon he'd be the clean type of Primarch after all.
The background is a homage to his gladiatorial roots and the whole design of his artificer armour is also meant to look light and permit a vast ammount of speed when in close combat. I wanted Angron to look like he could outrun you easily, despite being a terrible giant.

So, as usual, the final word is with you, fellow fans.

Hope you enjoy!


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Another treasure unearthed! XD

How have I not seen this before? I very much enjoy your interpretation of Angron. So much great detail, depth and volume. I especially like the little hints of the arena in the 'frame.'

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Seriously, his name is just 'Angry.'

Were the writers even trying, with this guy?

Meme Man - ANGERY 
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Angry Ron in all his Gory Glory
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Accurate Representation of Angron and the World Eaters:…
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Khorne cares not where the blood flows, even if it doesn't flow through your brain.
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This is awesome. Simply awesome. Great job!
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Thank you very much, mate!

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Not a problem mate! Big fan of your art and a big fan of Angron too, so a combination of the two is a win-win.
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omg.. how true you brought this to image.. oose bumps.
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Thank you so much, Chad!

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The acid test of a depiction of Angron; does looking at him make you want to stay VERY still and hope that he doesn't spot you?

 (This one certainly does!).
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Ive been reading Angron's story in the heresy novels recently.
 Saw the Forgeworld model.
 I like your version better.
Much more threatening. and intense.

Stay tooned NRG

you Rock
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And they wonder why he fell to Chaos. Great work man, I love your style.
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Under normal circumstances I'd say you should work for GW's design team but with a design like this they should be working for you! The armor design, the axe design, the color use and the tattoos! Great Emperor the tattoos! I draw warhammer but I am not worthy to look upon such art! Marvelous job mate.
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Oh, your rendering of Angron is amazing, as are your other pieces of the primarchs. Dang it, one day I will manage to work my markers into submission to my hands as well as you do! <3
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Angron is my favorite of the traitor Primarch's...
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Well.....makes sense he chose Khorne.....
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I love it. Angron and the World Eaters have always been my favourites within the entire Warhammer franchise and it's always made me a bit disappointed how little attention they get. Though it makes sense, what with Kharn causing the legion to be cast to the winds of the warp and whatnot.

Anywho, I love your take on Angron, he looks like a beast , that chain-axe is nasty and would strike utter fear into his foes upon the enemy and the tattoo's on his face are an awesome idea.

Blood for the Blood God!
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With a powerarmor and as primarch he can outrun almost anyone, I guess. Love the face tattoo!
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this is what the model should have been based on
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