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BLOOD BOWL - Troll Slayer vs. Wardancer



Hello my dear watchers and watcherettes!

I'm sneaking outside of work for a moment to show you something I've been working on with the amazing miniature painter and multi-Slayer Sword winner, Chris Borer.

We've worked together in the past, but alas! some of our projects got too delayed to be picked up again and it's my fault. Thus, this new series is a sort of renewal of our creative bonds, which are apparently stronger than ever.

I've never been much into Blood Bowl, to be honest. Other games from Games-Workshop always caught my attention first and foremost. But Chris being a venerable hobbyist (from the legendary Rogue Trader days!), he does play and love Blood Bowl as I've come to know many other players from old do. Thus, we started this series to see where it'd lead us.

We have so far depicted two players from this blood drenched gaming field: a Dwarf Troll Slayer and an Elf Wardancer. Anyone knowledgeable in BB will recognise them instantly (I hope!) as well as noticing where Chris and me have added out particulat touches.

Personally, I'm enjoying this assignment a lot as it allows me to dabble into Warhammer Fantasy, something I don't often get to do.

Let us know what you think and see you all soon!


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