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For sale original - Time Square - Watercolor

For sale original - Time Square - Watercolor 80€ / 105.7$
Watercolor on paper 24x32cm 300 g/m2.

Time square - New York

Please note me if interested.

All originals drawings in sale : [link]

My facebook Page for more works :


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in each time u surprise me by your beautiful drawing i love every single details in building and in streets and in the cars and the people i mean the way you use paint in it just wonderful i look to real city and u make me feel that i can ride one of those cars or u make me feel like visit this place you really draw by your heart i need to concentrate on all your draw details i do not wanna forget any thing because every tiny detail u made complete our version i need to thank u for making us see such beautiful things we have in our life just in one pic .
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I must say this comes off as a very conceptual piece, whether it was meant to be or not. Generally my perception of a city is a space that is full of energy and frenetic in feeling. This piece captures that feeling extraordinarily well. The picture is very busy with most of the space occupied by color or line, which ties into the level of energy and the busy feeling of a city. The underlying pen and ink techniques that are added to the work give it an edgy frenetic feel, because of the sketchiness. I was glad that you chose not to carry the lines into the background, where the street fades off. If this area had been developed as much as the foreground then the picture would have been very overwhelming. The eye needs to rest somewhere and you have given the viewer a visual break. The common error that most artists make is they either add too much detail, to the point the picture is overworked and too detailed. Or they go the other way and don't add enough detail to make the picture interesting. you have struck that fine balance between boring the viewer and overwhelming them. Kudos!
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Just fabulous!
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you just dont understand how much i like this. its amazing!
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its awesome , i love it!
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Not usually a fan of water color, but wow! You have shown there are always exceptions sir!
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dude this is awesome... you have have some great work, but this piece just stood out the must to me.
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Wow, what a work!
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Thanks for the ad! I love your work!!!
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good ol time square
Whaw... thats so CoolMeow :3 
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:judge: each job is too incredible that you itemize the total movement of the scene and the colors that applied to generate a unique atmosphere :aww:
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your work is so incredible, I plan to buy and collect prints of your work soon. Also, thank you for the Favs. For an artist like you to even look at my drawings means so much. Thank you.
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wow its amazing, colorful, and wonderful. the colors give it such a wonderful effect you are an incredible artist
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aMAZING....full of life
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I thought that this looked like NY.

Did you travel to NY to draw this or did you use a photo?

you captured NY just right

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These are all really beautiful! 
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I really like your spare use of color in this piece.
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