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And it's out! The track from my newest album "Guiding Light" is now filled
with wonders! It tells a story, what if Starlight Glimmer was never reformed
and she forced the whole Equestria to accept her vision of equality...
For this project I joined forces with wonderful Jadekettu 
who made an art which inspired the whole project (it appears around 3:12).

Enjoy the music and be awesome!


Check Jade's DA:

Check also my album Guiding Light! Links below:…

New journey through the Ambient Chillout Experience melodies is out now!
Also available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Tidal, and more...!

Addictive and awesome electronic track, supported by work made by: :iconthefloatingtree:
On the Run by TheFloatingTree

New chillout track inspired by art made by mirroredsea:
Carnival by mirroredsea


Are you ready for a journey of a lifetime? 

Four years ago we began our journey to The Source of Harmony.
We visited so many amazing places, we saw extraordinary things, and met a lot of positive people around.
Thanks to them, two years ago we found a Path to the Magnificent Land, land of addictive yet healthy music,
our safe haven in sometimes dark world. We learnt so much and how we are coming back to the beginning,
revisiting All These Happy Places we saw around. Stay awhile and listen. 

Sink in into the vibes and let them flow you to the positivity.

00:00 - Midnight Train
03:52 - The Forest
08:04 - Berries
11:30 - Undearneath the Night Sky
15:00 - Secluded Glen
19:18 - Save Haven
23:14 - Morning Calm
27:55 - Gentle Wind
32:36 - Home
36:51 - Journey
42:00 - Not Monsters
45:25 - The Hidden Strenght
48:53 - Forgotten Crystals

Caution! Addictive music inside!
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And finally it's out! This is my gift for you all for being with my for all these years!

Album "Storm" contains 14 positive energetic tracks from ambient to trance, filled with joy and awesomeness
to make your day brighter. It comes to you as a thunderstorm - suddenly and with high velocity,
but instead scares you with rumble and its thunder, it charges you with positivity and bliss.

Album will be also available on: iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer and more!

00:00 - Clouds Are Coming
04:22 - Playing with Sunrays
08:25 - In the Skies
12:23 - Storm
16:24 - Conquer the Storm
20:25 - The Eye
24:14 - Through the Storm
28:43 - After the Storm
31:40 - Fly to the Stars
36:32 - Every Happy Thing She Does
40:02 - Burn the Ice
43:59 - Retrospeed
48:18 - Wild Fire
52:10 - New Dawn

* * *
Album was inspired by the trance creators from the 90's such as:
DJ Quicksilver, Dune, Mark 'Oh, Sash!, Scooter, U.S.U.R.A., U96 and many more!

* * *
Thank you all kindly!


Now available on You Tube!

My attempt on Dune's Remix Contest of his newest single "Magic Carpet Ride".
I didn't win, but Oliver was kind enough to allow me to post it here on You Tube.
My goal was to create something way different than the original and to give it more soothing ambiance.
I can say it was a success and even Dune called it "one of the kind".

Album "Storm" will be released on November 4th, 2016.

Yet another track taken from upcoming album "Storm"!
This time it was inspired by the work of German producer Dune and, in fact,
I made this way before I even know about his remix contest.

Album "Storm" contains 14 positive energetic tracks from ambient to trance,
filled with joy and awesomeness to make your day brighter.
It comes to you as a thunderstorm - suddenly and with high velocity,
but instead scares you with rumble and its thunder, it charges you with positivity and bliss.

It will available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, etc..


Part of Dune's Magic Carpet Ride's Remix Contest.

I was really amazed when I found out one of my favorites music producers from the 90's released something new.
Magic Carpet Ride was to be like the blast from the past - it sounds like the music from his debut album "Dune".
That's why I decided to try to make a remix.

As usual, I'm trying to give the original track a new perspective.
Original is fast and energetic, my remix is slow and smooth and also it's full of positive ambiance as the original.
Even though remix has almost the same BPM that the original version (it has 170 BPM).

Enjoy and let's go for a Magic Carpet Ride through calm valleys, relaxing fields to the soothing blue skies above us.

Album "Storm" is coming out on November 4th!

You may expect 14 tracks filled with positive energy
and delightful ambiance! 

Because Glim Horse needs some love!


But seriously, my friend Araxnus dared me to make a remix of that song,
so I did xd

Created by :iconmysticalpha:
Gabby and CMC 16:9 by mysticalpha

It was supposed to be a vocal track, but for some reasons that didn't happen.
But maybe it will in the future? Who knows?

Highly inspired by an art made by :iconunderpable:
and story background written by :iconepic-prose:

Broken by Underpable

Yes, a new track is out. Enjoy and be amazed by power of ambient chillout music experience!

Thanks to :iconshamanguli: for that lovely art and inspiration!

Art can be found here:  Secluded Glen by Shamanguli

Music track inspired by mysterious, upcoming character from Overwatch - a hacker known as "Sombra":

I wanted to make a track inspired by the Overwatch since I bought the game in July, but somehow I couldn't get enough inspiration about it, even though I like the game very much. But fortunately for me, I saw a video about Sombra made by a Polish gamer and suddenly I received that idea for a little dark ambient track combined with some chillout pads. And I really love the result!

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A collection of 14 tracks floating through time and space to deliver you a piece of addictive music.
It's all about the journey. We'll discover what's hidden in the dark of space's emptiness.Our mission is to be part of music expedition into the unknown tides of ambient chillout and electronica.
Put your headphones on and be ready for an AMBIENT CHILLOUT MUSIC EXPERIENCE!

Album was inspired by many things like MLP, games (Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Mankind Divided, Mass Effect: Andromeda, No Man's Sky, Stellaris,
The Witcher 3), movies (Star Wars series, SW: Rogue One, Interstellar, Star Trek), series (Firefly) and also by ambient and electronic music
producers such as: Carbon Based Lifeforms, Jean-Michel Jarre, Solar Fields, Stellardrone, Tangerine Dream.

Music, mixing, mastering: Nicolas Dominique
ART: UndreamedPanic

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Music is here. Enjoy!
Yep, that happened!

So as I said before, you may expect the new track today around 8 PM (2 PM local time in USA). So, be hyped and awesome!
So yeah, my birthday is on May 12th, so you may expect a new track from me as a gift!
It will be posted on 8 PM CEST (2 PM EDT) on my YT channel and few minutes later
here on dA journal. You may expect another addictive track, but this time with
some story about it. Hope you're curious about it ^^

See ya all on May 12th!