#ShowYourHeart Ghosts: The thing I love the most
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Published: February 20, 2019
Well, as part of the "Show Your Heart" call, I'd like to mention the deviations I love, listed under the category of Ghosts. I am very picky when choosing those kinds of illustrations. These are the best five in my humble opinion.

Leetle Ghost Girl by snacks-ex-machina
"Appropriate colors give ghosts the spooky atmosphere in every illustration".

Slimer by gaucelm
"Nostalgia and art mixed up together. Gaucelm's retro shadings were always of my liking".

I'm back sargent by landesfes
"A lesson where you can learn the balance between simplicity and intensity of tension".

ghost Lady by disturbedface
"As demonstrated by Daiber: there is a beautiness in dark scenes not every artist find out. Ed did it".

Daily doodle #336 by Thecowlawyer
"We should never be afraid of kind souls. Still my favorite, still my Kindle screensaver".

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gaucelmStudent General Artist
Wow, thanks for the featuring! This is inspiring... I'll keep on this retro-shading thing!
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landesfesProfessional Filmographer