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Hey Guys and Gals,

It's been a while since I have had the time to actually write here; almost a year I think. I have some interesting news for all of those who would like to explore Germany with me and learn a thing or two!

I will be giving some workshops next year with you can find here:…

The most interesting one will be the annual Lofoten Winter workshop, where we will chase Aurora and the returning winter sun:

The Dragon's Eye by NicolasAlexanderOtto

I will be leading a tour to some of my favorite places in the Saxony Switzerland such as this one:

The Cimmerian Sunset by NicolasAlexanderOtto

To Rügen, where I led a tour earlier this year:

A Postcard from the Baltics by NicolasAlexanderOtto

and do a special week end workshop around some of the industrial sites in my home area as well. This one is mainly oriented towards Architecture Photography however.

Also I want to make all you German folk aware of my Landscape Photography Podcast that now counts 24 Episodes so far! You can find it here:

So far I had some amazing photographers on the show some of which include: Alex37 | mibreit | JanPusdrowski | TobiasRichter | MatthiasHaltenhof and many more!

I hope it won't be another year until I get some time to write here! :)

See you around!

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Landschaftsfotografei-Podcast-Info-Bild-2-copy by NicolasAlexanderOtto

Hey guys and gals, welcome to my the first episode of my Podcast entitled „Der Landschafsfotografie Podcast“ – As the title suggests it is a format in my first language German and not in English. I know this might turn some of you off, since not all of my followers speak German, but only a fraction. But fear not, from time to time there will be English episodes as I plan to include some Specials here and there where I take the time to interview some international photographers as well. But for now it is focused on the German photography scene thus from here on out it is German, my apologies.

So, für alle die den Ersten Absatz gelesen haben, geht es jetzt hier in Deutsch weiter. Willkommen zur nullten Episode vom Landschaftsfotografie Podcast. Hier geht es erst ein mal darum das Format zu erklären, damit Ihr wisst worum es eigentlich geht, und was Ihr zu erwarten habt. Anstelle dass ich hier nun alles aufschreibe, was ohnehin in der nullten Episode gesagt wird hört sie Euch doch einfach mal an:…

Dazu gibt es auch noch die erst Folge meines Podcasts mit niemand anderem als Michael Breitung:

S01 E01: Michael Breitung:

Für meine erste Folge des Podcasts konnte ich jemanden gewinnen, dessen Arbeit mich in meiner fotografischen Sichtweise sehr stark beeinflusst hat und mich oft inspiriert hat selbst immer besser zu werden und auch mehr zu reisen: Michael Breitung. Seine Arbeiten sind geprägt von interessanten, oft nur selten fotografierten Orten, absolut auf den Punkt gebrachten Kompositionen und Editing, dass den Mittelweg zwischen dokumentarisch und romantisierend perfekt beschreitet. Kurzum, meiner Meinung nach einer der absolut besten Landschaftsfotografen Deutschlands.Wir haben uns über seine letzte Weltreise unterhalten, die ihn auf 3 Kontinente geführt hat und in viele verschiedene Länder, über digitale Bildbearbeitung, die Vorbereitung von Trips und vieles Andere.…

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Atmospheric Landscapes 2018 by NicolasAlexanderOtto

Hey guys and gals here I present you my calendar for 2018 called Atmospheric Landscapes 2018. It is now available for purchase. As you can see above I did my best to accommodate each season and also take into account the individual calendar images that were voted on my facebook page by yourselves.

  • The calendar is DIN A3 and printed onto 200g/m² paper with matte finishing for optimal image quality.
  • This time around I am offering international shipping.
  • The price for the calendar is 19,95€ + shipping. International shipping is 3,70€ and domestic (i.e. in Germany) is 4,80€ (both uninsured).

If you want one just drop me a message in my contact form containing your shipping address and the amount of calendars you want and I will get back to you with the payment details, either pay pal or bank transfer what suites you more. Or send me a mail to info (at) nao-photo.(net).

For all those ordering until Halloween - 31st of October - there will be a discount, and the price will drop to 16,99€ + shipping. I will send out all the pre-ordered calendars on the 2nd week of November.

And now, without further ado, here are the individual calendar pages, of Atmospheric Landscapes 2018 right here:…

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Hey guys and gals. I am currently working on my calendar for 2018 which is why I am asking you to tell me which photos you want to see featured in it. I am keen to know your opinion.

Furthermore I will give away three of the calendars among everyone who leaves a like on the images; you can also double your chance by leaving a comment, telling me why you'd love to see a specific image in the calendar. Simply follow this link to my Calendar 2018 album on my Facebook page: [link]

Thanks for your support and see you around!

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I am proud to announce that my black and white series "The Dark Hereafter", consisting of imagery of the wild European north, can now be purchased at German art dealers Kollektion Wiedemann and their corresponding galleries across the country.

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