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Hey Guys and Gals,

It's been a while since I have had the time to actually write here; almost a year I think. I have some interesting news for all of those who would like to explore Germany with me and learn a thing or two!

I will be giving some workshops next year with you can find here:…

The most interesting one will be the annual Lofoten Winter workshop, where we will chase Aurora and the returning winter sun:

The Dragon's Eye by NicolasAlexanderOtto

I will be leading a tour to some of my favorite places in the Saxony Switzerland such as this one:

The Cimmerian Sunset by NicolasAlexanderOtto

To Rügen, where I led a tour earlier this year:

A Postcard from the Baltics by NicolasAlexanderOtto

and do a special week end workshop around some of the industrial sites in my home area as well. This one is mainly oriented towards Architecture Photography however.

Also I want to make all you German folk aware of my Landscape Photography Podcast that now counts 24 Episodes so far! You can find it here:

So far I had some amazing photographers on the show some of which include: Alex37 | mibreit | JanPusdrowski | TobiasRichter | MatthiasHaltenhof and many more!

I hope it won't be another year until I get some time to write here! :)

See you around!

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Landschaftsfotografei-Podcast-Info-Bild-2-copy by NicolasAlexanderOtto

Hey guys and gals, welcome to my the first episode of my Podcast entitled „Der Landschafsfotografie Podcast“ – As the title suggests it is a format in my first language German and not in English. I know this might turn some of you off, since not all of my followers speak German, but only a fraction. But fear not, from time to time there will be English episodes as I plan to include some Specials here and there where I take the time to interview some international photographers as well. But for now it is focused on the German photography scene thus from here on out it is German, my apologies.

So, für alle die den Ersten Absatz gelesen haben, geht es jetzt hier in Deutsch weiter. Willkommen zur nullten Episode vom Landschaftsfotografie Podcast. Hier geht es erst ein mal darum das Format zu erklären, damit Ihr wisst worum es eigentlich geht, und was Ihr zu erwarten habt. Anstelle dass ich hier nun alles aufschreibe, was ohnehin in der nullten Episode gesagt wird hört sie Euch doch einfach mal an:…

Dazu gibt es auch noch die erst Folge meines Podcasts mit niemand anderem als Michael Breitung:

S01 E01: Michael Breitung:

Für meine erste Folge des Podcasts konnte ich jemanden gewinnen, dessen Arbeit mich in meiner fotografischen Sichtweise sehr stark beeinflusst hat und mich oft inspiriert hat selbst immer besser zu werden und auch mehr zu reisen: Michael Breitung. Seine Arbeiten sind geprägt von interessanten, oft nur selten fotografierten Orten, absolut auf den Punkt gebrachten Kompositionen und Editing, dass den Mittelweg zwischen dokumentarisch und romantisierend perfekt beschreitet. Kurzum, meiner Meinung nach einer der absolut besten Landschaftsfotografen Deutschlands.Wir haben uns über seine letzte Weltreise unterhalten, die ihn auf 3 Kontinente geführt hat und in viele verschiedene Länder, über digitale Bildbearbeitung, die Vorbereitung von Trips und vieles Andere.…

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Atmospheric Landscapes 2018 by NicolasAlexanderOtto

Hey guys and gals here I present you my calendar for 2018 called Atmospheric Landscapes 2018. It is now available for purchase. As you can see above I did my best to accommodate each season and also take into account the individual calendar images that were voted on my facebook page by yourselves.

  • The calendar is DIN A3 and printed onto 200g/m² paper with matte finishing for optimal image quality.
  • This time around I am offering international shipping.
  • The price for the calendar is 19,95€ + shipping. International shipping is 3,70€ and domestic (i.e. in Germany) is 4,80€ (both uninsured).

If you want one just drop me a message in my contact form containing your shipping address and the amount of calendars you want and I will get back to you with the payment details, either pay pal or bank transfer what suites you more. Or send me a mail to info (at) nao-photo.(net).

For all those ordering until Halloween - 31st of October - there will be a discount, and the price will drop to 16,99€ + shipping. I will send out all the pre-ordered calendars on the 2nd week of November.

And now, without further ado, here are the individual calendar pages, of Atmospheric Landscapes 2018 right here:…

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Hey guys and gals. I am currently working on my calendar for 2018 which is why I am asking you to tell me which photos you want to see featured in it. I am keen to know your opinion.

Furthermore I will give away three of the calendars among everyone who leaves a like on the images; you can also double your chance by leaving a comment, telling me why you'd love to see a specific image in the calendar. Simply follow this link to my Calendar 2018 album on my Facebook page: [link]

Thanks for your support and see you around!

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I am proud to announce that my black and white series "The Dark Hereafter", consisting of imagery of the wild European north, can now be purchased at German art dealers Kollektion Wiedemann and their corresponding galleries across the country.

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First off I want to thank everyone who voted for me in the first voting round of the Light Inspired contest. I won the Night Photography category and I am very proud I must say! 

In case you feel like supporting i.e. voting for me yet another time, the contest is not yet over as there are still the "Grand Price Winner" and "Reader's Choice" to be determined

My photograph "In Longing Spirit" as seen below is in both of the categories. So if you want to support me or just vote for the image you think should win (as I have already won one of the categories) head over to the light inspired page here: Light Inspired Group and do so. 

Just for those who might have missed my last entry or aren't too familiar with my work, this my submission to the contest.

In Longing Spirit by NicolasAlexanderOtto

Thank you for your time and I really appreciate your support!
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I guess from the title you can already guess where this is going...

First off I am impressed and grateful, that out of my four submissions for the Light Inspired Contest three made it into the finals! 

Now I am at your mercy, to make it to the top, as the last round of the contest is an open voting! 

If you feel like giving me your vote you can head over to the group page (here: ) and give me your vote. Or for that matter, just vote for the images you think are most deserving.

In case you wonder which one might be my images because you want to support me either way:

In Longing Spirit by NicolasAlexanderOtto Our Breath in Winter by NicolasAlexanderOtto In Solitude Forlorn by NicolasAlexanderOtto

Thank you for your time, I really appreciate your support!
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Calendar 2016: Europe's Landscapes by NicolasAlexanderOtto

Looking for a Christmas present for your loved ones? Look no further! 

My European Landscapes 2016 Calendar in DIN A2 format (approx. 60x40 centimeters) only 22,90€ (+ shipping).

After making some calendars in the past for my family and friends I want to share my discoveries this year. You can find all the information and a preview of the individual pages on my website: 

Also do not refrain from contacting me if you have any questions!
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Hey Guys, after some intensive planning I'm happy to announce my first workshop I'll be holding with my good friend and long time urbanscaper JanPusdrowski

You can find all the information here:…

It's mainly in German, but in case you're capable of decent English I'd be happy to see you take part as well! 

We're looking forward to giving people crucial insights into the world of long exposures and night photography! 

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Hey Guys, I wrote a blog entry on why you should be shooting the blue hour! 

Check it out:…

Also feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Print Giveaway!

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 18, 2015, 1:47 PM
Hey guys you may want to check out my Facebook page since I am giving away a free print at the moment. You can just follow the link below!…

Good Luck! 

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Homepage finally online!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 22, 2015, 6:05 AM
Hey Guys and Gals,Finally it's done: my homepage is now online! I'm able to present you the definite way my images should be framed in the online realm!

I've put quite some effort in it, having done all the design myself. I already wrote a small blog for starters where you can get some wallpapers and of course added my premium works to the galleries. The integrated shop is not 100% done yet, but I already accept print requests you can find more information about that in the services section.

Also sharing this post is greatly appreciated! 

And without any further ado, here it is:

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Off to the Alps (again)!

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 2, 2014, 5:43 AM
Hey my friends, I'm just outside the car waiting to get going on my next trip as I write this. I've been waiting quite a while for my new gear to arrive - and now the last thing missing is my new Nikkor 24-85 VR, I already got my D800 and my Nikkor 18-35G. So I thought I may drop a line or two.

I'll be driving down to the Alps again, second time this year. Although I'll be checking out the Dolomites and some spots near the Zugspitze area where I'll meet up with da-phil to shot a morningrise at the Eibsee. Also I shall be trying to get some captures in the Jura and the French Alps with my good friend JanPusdrowski and his brother in Mid-September. 

All in all I hope for cold but dry conditions - if I'm lucky I might get some snow here and there with the temps in EU being more autumnal than aestival. Even here in the Münsterland the colors are already starting to change, about a month or at least three weeks earlier than usual due to the rainy and chilling summer. 

Let's hope that I'll be able to bring along some great captures! 

P.S.: If your interested to see some new work that hasn't been published here go to my FB page it's a bit more up to date in that regard:…

See you all end of September!

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My band's new music video!

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 28, 2014, 8:28 AM
I'd appreciate it if you had the time to check out Words of Farewell's new music video for the song Continuum Shift of our 2014 album 'The Black Wild Yonder'! Maybe you'll like it, who knows. But at least you see me dorking around a bit because not all things are dead serious not even death metal. ;)

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Hey Guys, I know I'm not too good with actually updating here because out of convenience I am more active on my facebook account here:… than on DA these days. But I just came back from the baltic island of Rügen where I spend 4 days and then a day later drove through the Alps for a week. Originally I planned to stay longer but due to an unfortunate car accident in the Vallée du la Clarée I had to return earlier. A french local rammed us in a narrow curve with his Land Rover and almost pushed us down the slope. He was pretty much driving way to fast and saw us too late and hit us when we were already standing on the edge of the road. Guess it could've been worse though as if he had seen us another second later he might have pushed us down the slope which was at least 15m in altitude and pretty steep. Now all that is left is to hope that his insurance pays the damage on my friends car as it was pretty obvious that it certainly wasn't our fault. Unfortunate ending for a great trip though.

Other than that my buddy Marc and I visited some great spots and after some weather trouble in the beginning we had some great sights and really enjoyed hiking the great trails of the French Alps, going skinny dippin' in lakes and creeks, and sleeping under the stars. I took some stunning shots I can edit and also got a good cardio workout while doing so, sometimes walking 15km a day with an altitude difference of up to 2km. I'm now pretty much exhausted, having slept only about 4-5 hours a night as well due to the late sunsets, early blue hours, and great night skies that just wouldn't let me sleep. A pretty intense trip and I still feel like I haven't really settled back in home. I'm looking forward to sharing some of the images over the course of the next weeks. 

The baltic stay was pretty slick as well travelling with some friends having a BBQ here and there, sharing a beer or two and the like. But sadly the weather and light weren't much in my favor so I only got few images to edit from the trip. Let's hope that I can return later this year in fall for some grand colors. I was at least able to find some great locations for my next visit! So I shall go there for another (now 5th time). 

On a side note I made it into the finals of the Light Inspired Landscapes Contest in the category Waterscapes with my shot "Opposing Worlds" I would appreciate any and all support since the prices aren't bad at all! Sadly I'm currently in last place. Since I haven't asked for support yet and the voting ends in 3 days. Guess I was gone at the wrong time huh? So I would really be grateful if you voted for me here:…
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It's been a while since I've written something here and a lot has happened in the mean time, I got past my first oral M.A. exam with a 1,0, my band shot it's first music video which has been released last week, I'll be out shooting next month again and I have finally published a Facebook page for my photography.

So the first thing I guess I should share are two songs from the upcoming second album of my band "Words of Farewell" which will be released on the 28th of February in Europe and on March 4th in the North American Territories.

Here's the lyric video for "Beauty in Passing":…;
And here is the official music video for "Telltale Notion":…;
If you like the music you can check out the album trailer here:…;

Also I have made plans with JanPusdrowski to fly to Tenerife next month to explore the island. His original plan was to find a location that is actually really photogenic but has only little no no presence in the online landscaping communities. And since I've been on the Island back in 1999 and still know some of the locations were quite a treat we decided we'd give it a shot and see if there is something to put onto the map. Lately we wondered about people always travelling to the same locations because they know there is something just waiting to be captured, already having seen so many pictures of the place. And while I think that is a totally valid strategy which I follow myself most of the time Jan felt like we should maybe for a change try to do something different not to fall into the trap of being to strongly influenced by all the other great landscapers out there that are so much better than we are.
Tenerife offers a wide variety of scenery ranging from almost desert like mountain plateaus, atlantic rain forest and great shorelines to steep cliffs and canyonlands so we should be able to get some diverse imagery there and subsequently share it with you guys, and maybe inspire some other landscapers to explore and see the islands scenery for themselves.

Furthermore I would like to invite everyone to check out my facebook profile where I not only share images that may not make it onto deviantART but also some behind the scene shots, pre-edits and helpful links to tutorials and other things that may be an aid to your own work. As of yet there are some of my more popular images but there will be more in due time as I will be adding more and more content over the next weeks.

I would really appreciate if you liked my page and browsed though the current images already on there. 

Thanks, and see you around!
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Half a Year of Silence

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 25, 2013, 5:32 AM

It's been over half a year since I've written a journal mainly because I hadn't much to tell in terms of Photography since I've been way much to busy with other stuff. Also I had no real opportunity to go out an actually work in the field due to a lack of time. Also I have to admit I was a little disappointed with my Portugal trip where I ended up with about 8-9 pictures which were good enough to share whilst I put so much effort into the whole trip and also had quite some expenses. So I also lacked a little motivation, still my main reasons as always are time and money.

But I had a lot of other stuff going on in the mean time and I though I may fill you in before talking about my next trip. 

The most pressing issue was the recording of my bands sophomore album which will be released via AFM-Records in 2014. We recorded starting late July and are now working on the finishing touches. I'm very pleased with the outcome and am looking forward to the release. Also we may get lucky to get a a Sub-label in Japan, but that is yet to be confirmed. So I was quite busy in the semester break also having nasal surgery (nope not cosmetically) and writing papers. With the album now done and my oral M.A. exams logged in I finally got a timeframe to work with.

So I'm heading out to the Saxony Switzerland with my friend JanPusdrowski with whom I was out hunting the light several times already but haven't been on a longer trip since 2011 now. We'll be leaving tonight and meet up with MatthiasHaltenhof in the Harz for a sunrise shooting before continuing to our destination. Looking forward to meeting him after being in contact with him over the years here on DA. Also we may meet up with TobiasRichter and get some more insight into the beauty of the area once we get to the Saxony Switzerland. 

Even though we're late for the highest point of autumnal bloom we hope to catch some spectacular light situations above the sublime rock formations of the area. And maybe we get lucky with some mist shrouds so I can finally try to re-create one of my favorite paintings of all time Caspar David Friederichs "Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer". I wonder why I was in Japan, USA, Norway and so on but never actually traveled to Saxony even though it's not that far off. Jan and I will be hiking for a couple of days sleeping on location which will hopefully enable us not to miss out on a specific cloud formation / light situation which we might miss not doing so. Even though we'd have to bring quite a bit of stuff to stay in the area without returning to the car in between. But wouldn't be the first time. Not as awesome as many of the professional landscapers here on DA but it sure will be fun if even on a smaller level. 

On a side not I finally started designing my homepage but it's still far from being complete. Hopefully I'll get to complete it this year so I can start with the programming. 

Anyway I'm off to the doc since I got sick overnight, nothing to keep me from venturing out though.

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On the road again ...

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 24, 2013, 9:45 AM
So, after almost half a year of silence and biding my time I've been able to recuperate my losses, mainly by not having any fun whatsoever and saving up all my money to get back the broken equipment. The only thing I wasn't able to finance was a new tripod, so the old, rusty Slik 780DX Pro will have to do at least for the rest of this year. Still haven't been able to find the time to work beside my studies but at least I finally got my B.A. (1,2) in Media Studies and Anglistics and now I'm working in the 3rd M.A. semester. Hopefully I'll have some time aside the production of the new Words of Farewell album and 2 other trips as well as my bodybuilding and studies to work a little to finance maybe a trip to the US or something next year.

Either way, Tuesday I'll be gone for two weeks with SvenMueller visiting some spots in the northern regions of Spain and most likely Portugal again. Seeing how the weather treats us we may as well head a little further south hoping the rain won't follow us for the prospects don't look as good as they did last year when we went south to the Iberian Peninsula. I hope to get a couple of interesting shots though, mostly coastal of course. Gladly JanPusdrowski was so nice to lend me his lens hood for the Sigma 10-20 so the spray won't be as much of an issue as the last 3 trips I've been on with out it.

Can't wait to head out with SvenMueller again, simply enjoying the landscape, eat canned food all the time, drive around from spot to spot with awesome music coming from the speakers and just being on the road doing stuff. Please, wish us good luck and good light; I hope to bring everyone some pictures to enjoy when I get back.


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Broken Equipment

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 16, 2012, 7:37 AM
Just returned from my second trip to the Lake District, and yes the weather sucked again, but what's worse I trashed 750€ oF equipment.

I was standing with Risrafel on the northern shore of Wastwater waiting for a sunset that never came when suddenly a severe wind blast hit my tripod which was standing in a creek bed about 10 feet away from me. So whilst I was searching for the filter package of my B+W 110 which was still in the backpack I only with the corner of my eye saw the camera crash lens first onto the boulders. I had the lens hood and the B+w 110 on it as well as the battery grip - everything broke.

The filter splintered into a million pieces I assume since we were only able to find 4-5 very small shards in between the rocks. The  threads however were still on the lens but completely bend so I can't get the filter of again since the frontal thread of the lens is also completely ragged. The lens hood was also nowhere to be found and the battery grip is also broken in half.

Now the funny thing is that the front lens of my Sigma doesn't even have a single scratch and the K5 is also completely functional as far as I can tell. So I was able to continue shooting the next day but sadly no long exposures or anything else that'd need a filter. Still it seems like I'm followed by bad luck since I already have some equipment that needs replacement and now another 3 items got onto the list.
  • Slik Ball head: 120€ (my 3 way is very rusty already)
  • Hoya Pro1 CPL: 80€ (although I'd rather get a different brand since the Hoya one isn't good)
  • K5 BG (copy): 80€
  • Sigma 10-20: 500€
  • B+W 110: 100€
  • Compact Camera: 180€

That is basically all the stuff that has given up it's ghost since I came back from Portugal earlier this year. I was finally content with the equipment and now I am stuck being an amateur again having to worry about equipment and money (just a reference to my signature). And I have no real idea where to get the money from. I could sell my lesser used lenses like my Tamron 17-50 or Tamron 90 but that won't really be sufficient to raise the money I need. So it's either hiatus until I get my stuff back together and bide my time until next spring when I'll be off with SvenMueller again most likely or selling other stuff to make up for it.

Also if anyone want to purchase prints even before my website it up; which will hopefully be the case by the end of the year, that might help me out to get some of the smaller things back together. But I guess it wouldn't suffice for the major investment of a new lens anyway. Well, one good thing is that I still have some pictures to process and my next endeavor will be a return to the autumnal Granat Nature Reserve with JanPusdrowski for which I'll mainly need my Sigma 70-200. Yeah, I'm trying to think positively but lately life hasn't made that an easy task.


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