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_______Tech Info
Nikon D800
AF-S Nikkor 18-35 mm f/3,5-4,5G ED
Slik 780 DX Pro | SH-807E
Aperture: f/8
Shutter Speed: 120secs
ISO-Value: 80
Focal Length: 18mm
Filters: Haida ND1000 / Hoya Pro 1 ND8
Time: 1:39pm

_____Random Info
My first deviation with my new Nikon D800 taken at the Scheveningen Pier in The Hague. I was quite convinced by the great image quality, one of the reasons why seemingly every landscaper has a D800 these days and Canon lost a great part of their market share in the pro-sector. But compared to my old K5 the handling is dismal and the software feels like it's from 2008, with different missing options I've always used on my K5. FelixInden already told me that if you need such gimmicks you might just not be a good photographer. I'm still thinking about his words whether they're true or rather it's really the case that Nikon is a bit behind the heartbeat of the time at the moment at least handling-wise. Either way I'm wrapping my head around the new body quite quickly and the results are still stunning. It's really fun to shoot with, and opening the files at home is pure bliss! 

Still I have to say that my rig is almost dying each time I'm developing raws and such, so it might be time for a new PC rather sooner than later so I can continue working at a decent rate at least. 

If you're interested here's another composition from the same spot:…

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Huh... It reminds me a lot of this thing out at the beach here in Saint Petersburg Florida, called The Pier. When I first saw it, I could've sworn that that's what it was. Of course, The Pier if falling to pieces an this is obviously in good condition indeed, so ^^
NicolasAlexanderOtto's avatar
Never seen it though, might be, wouldn't be wondering if they sold the plans and built two of a kind. ;)
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Love the sky :)

love the black and white too it makes the image more striking well done  :)
krazykel's avatar
Your very welcome
DawidRayFriebe's avatar
Whoa! Amazin! and this place is just fantastic! Whole picture is masterpiece ;)
NicolasAlexanderOtto's avatar
Sure worth a visit. Too bad the pier is abandoned but still the safety is intense, otherwise I would've tried to get some pcitures off the pier. ;)
DawidRayFriebe's avatar
For sure worth to visit! :) I haven't asked but where is this place? ;>
NicolasAlexanderOtto's avatar
Maybe you should read the description that's what it's for. ;)
DawidRayFriebe's avatar
Ou! Sorry! The image is so great that I forgot that there is sth like description :D 
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good composition and movement in the clouds
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