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Lost Kingdoms II

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_______Tech Info
Nikon D800
AF-S Nikkor 24-85 mm f/3,5-4,5G ED
Slik 780 DX Pro | SH-807E
Aperture: f/8
Shutter Speed: 1/50secs
ISO-Value: 400
Focal Length: 85mm
Filters: None
Time: 7:38am

_____Random Info
    My first submission taken with my std. 24-85 zoom lens. I seldom use this range of focal length but from time to time it's good to have the range. I prefer travelling light these days, thus since switching from crop to full frame I have only 2 lenses that cover everything I need. Although I'm thinking about getting a 14mm prime lens for night skies. 

This image was composed of 6 shots for a size of 18000+ pixels and took ages to edit. However it does benefit from the intense amount of detail hidden within the immense size the sensor covers. Doing Panoramas is not really necessary with the 36MP of the D800 but I felt like having the option to do so wouldn't hurt so I went and got some extra MPs. The print size is nearing a range of 2 meters without any interpolation. 

Image details
Image size
1200x408px 1.4 MB
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what? no telephoto?
 the 70-200 f/4VR is your lens! :nod:
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Nah, I had a 70-200 f/2.8 for a while and I barely used it so I didn't get a new one. I might someday but then I'll be getting a Sigma again since I was blown away by the outstanding image quality. But in the 3 years I had it I took about 5 photos with it but about 100 with my UWA. ;)
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