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Fortresse d'Emesson

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_______Tech Info
   Pentax K5
   Sigma 70-200mm f/2,8 EX DG IF APO Macro HSM II
   Slik 780 DX Pro | SH-807E
   Aperture: f/10
   Shutter Speed: 30sec
   ISO-Value: 80
   Focal Length: 145mm
   Filters: None
   Time: 9:16pm

_____Random Info
   This being reminiscent of Helms Deep in some way I found myself shooting the new dam being build 24/7 near the old reservoir at Lac d'Emosson right on the Swiss - French border. The light display was amazing and the last color patches of the blue hour were giving me a great backdrop. I only seldom use my tele-lens but in this case I got lucky the scenery provided me with a great motif to capture. 

We arrived on the plateau near the lake at evening set up camp and in the silence I wondered where the noise came from and with the descending sun I realized that the construction site I did see 3 years prior when I was visiting had become this already almost finished dam. My friend Marc then pushed me towards shooting the dam instead of contemplating that with all the snow and the brown dead grass the plateau itself wasn't very photogenic and neither was the sunset. I took about 23 exposures each with different clouds swirling around the construction site and subsequently picked the nicest looking shot in which the cranes were not moving. I also took several shots that were had the dam almost filling the frame but I thought the light play on the surrounding snow masses and stones was just as mesmerizing.

Certainly something different from what I usually do but I am very content with the shot and it's ominous atmosphere. 

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Surreal, beeindruckend und ein kleines bisschen unheimlich.
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NicolasAlexanderOttoProfessional Photographer
Hehe, Danke. ;)
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Capt-AhabStudent Photographer
Sehr interresant, stelle es mir merkwürdig vor mitten in den bergen so ein Monstrum vorzufinden, auch wenn Du schon wusstest das es da ist.
Die Aufnahme finde ich sehr gelungen, wobei natürlich vor allem die Umgebung den surrealen Eindruck bewirkt.
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NicolasAlexanderOttoProfessional Photographer
Yo, wie gesagt, das ist schon ansich ein interessantes Motiv. Ist halt auch einfach mal was anderes. ;)
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justpablo9Hobbyist General Artist
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OzgandStudent General Artist
It reminds me of Fort Briggs from Fullmetal Brotherhood.
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NicolasAlexanderOttoProfessional Photographer
No idea, never watched it. ;)
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NicolasAlexanderOttoProfessional Photographer
Danke :)
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NicolasAlexanderOttoProfessional Photographer
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