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Pierrot and his birds

Edit 24,08,2009 - few minor changements, tones, things like that :)

I don't know why, but Pierrot is a character I cherish, for his loneliness, as the resident of the moon. Birds, as some of you know, are part of my personal mythology and memory, as shadows :)

I wanted something simple and monochrome (to change).

I hope you'd like it.

My blog : [link]

Pierrot (and Pierrette) on the moon
# 1 Pierrot and his birds
# 2 A dream without star...
# 3 That's autumn on the moone
# 4 Pierrot and Pierrette
# 5 Pierrot loves Pierrette
# 6 Sky is a flower fields
# 7 How the hearts came to Earth
# 8 The tree of stars
# 9 Never alone on the moon
# 10 Pierrot and the heart tree
# 11 Pierrot is back
# 12 Pierrot, Pierrette and the running cat on the moon
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This is *gorgeous*.
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lovely! creative, i like it
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a very nice composition!
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Featured in my journal today: Illustration
fl0c0n's avatar
Woow! Inspired from St-Exupery's book (Le petit prince)??
nicolas-gouny-art's avatar
maybe, i can't remember how he came to me :)
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sometimes, i wish i was pierrot :aww:
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i love the shadows of the birds :heart:
nym-corleone's avatar
Very very cute but Pierrot is sad
Why? u.u
nicolas-gouny-art's avatar
because he is lonely :)
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U R amazing :)
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