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hi, nicolas... i've finally found your daviant again... sorry it took me so long, you have wonderful pieces of art from your imagination... i was inspired by your innocence... i actually did some college artwork base on few of your art...
sorry i didn't ask for your permission back then... the reason i'm in daviantart is to find you and give you back the credits...

thank you... look forward to your wonderful artwork...
nicolas-gouny-art's avatar
I'd like to see that :)
pumpkinWorld's avatar
sorry for the late reply...! was busy with my final and preparing for work...
here is the link-

sorry it took me so long... :)
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heheh.. wish you had the girl version.. hehhe then both of them.. really cute drawings.
nicolas-gouny-art's avatar
dwaejitoki's avatar
hope you can make it in the future.. hehe
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When I was little, I always ended up being alone on the swings. I did exactly this, thought up some adventure.
nicolas-gouny-art's avatar
and you're to little, you can't move if nobody pushes you :)
TaSHe's avatar
your imagination is very creative indeed)))
ehmaysink's avatar
love your work.
this one in particular has me entranced. :heart:
aliceapril's avatar
really love this one the most:)
nicolas-gouny-art's avatar
:hug: I like to draw this way !
bingung's avatar
great series, i like this one and 'alone with the shadows'
sorcerersapprentice's avatar
This is great! So much going on!
mauvaisEnfant's avatar
I'm speechless at the sight of your gallery. Trully wonderful works, I'm amazed!! :clap:
enormous's avatar
oh my god! you are GENIUS... so creative.. i adore your works... KOOL! :worship:
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