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I just would like to thank you all :
all people who comes to see my work,
all my D.A friends,
Mika who helps me too,
and above all, our God who created all what we can share between us ^_^
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I would like to write some words to explan why I'm sorry to not be here as often I would like these months.

This middle of year gives to me some nice changements in my life but I not forget you, you who write to me your thoughts, your impressions, your taste of life =)

And I think often about you all according to what I am brought has to see around me.

So, you can still write to me and don't worry if i anwser 1 week after hehe

May the carrots be with you and enjoy the life ^^
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I've been tagged by :iconderrochar: ~Derrochar
It's really rare that i write a new journal message because i prefer to express across my photos& than my words…
This kind of questions are all around the theme of D.A, so it seems to be interesting for all.
I hope my answers will be too. =)

— How would you come up with your D.A name?
"nicolapin" is just a big part of me, lapin for bunny, so Nico the bunny because i love bunnies. :love:

— How often are you on D.A?
Each time I want to see nice photos or when I have to propose a new deviation.

— How many deviants have you met in real life?
No one, maybe later.

— What kind of deviations do you usually upload here?

— What's the usual theme for most or all of your deviations?
Especially Photos of clouds, landscapes, nature and all around that I like in my life and who touch my mind.

— How long have you been doing your type of art?
Already when I was young (in Canada) I liked to take plane or big trucks in my little camera started, but more seriously I started in May 2007, when I bought my dear Lumix :heart: to take the birthday of my mother, some days later my old passion came back from my past : to immortalize each moment who touch me, deepest in me.
And now, with numeric cameras, it's better because we can see the result before to develop on the paper (as before), and to delete it if it's not good. =)

— How often do you work on art?
Each time I see something I like, I have my Lumix in my bag all the time hehe (we never know). :)

— What kind of deviations do you normally favorite?
I think the same kind of photos I would like to take, but also some WWII (or other) reenactment photos and cuty draws.

— On average, how long does it take you to finish one deviation?
It depends, it could take some seconds or some minutes, all depends of what I want to do and if I must to wait a special moment to save the thing.
I like to take 2 kind of photos:
When I try to take often one only shot, because to take photo is also like a kind of game to can be able to take a perfect photo with simple elements..
And photo that I often start again, when I want to show a tree, an engine, a building etc..

— What are your inspirations for your art?
Something in the landscapes who catch me far away, or a so amazing sky.. it really depends of what I want to take and to show..

— How important is art in your life?
I'm born in a family of painters, musicians, my mother have been make-up girl and my father was director in the cinema. So the art have been always around of me..
So I'm a musician and this passion of photo complete a little my life :) Even if sometime i let all that Behind me and I live for myself for a while. :)

— How is art going to be a part in your future?
I think in the same way than it be a part of my present life, and as we advance continuously in the life, the present becomes irremediably the future. So we'll see..

— As an artist, what kind of things do you feel you need to work on in regard of your art?
I just need my camera, a good light and a sweet touch of inspiration.

now i have to tag 5 of my DA friends, so i'll choose in alphabetical order :
hi, I would like to thanks DeviantArt and Aurora (a Mexican great Friend)
because i realised my new video-clip about Clouds, inspired by Aurora,
the Daydreams (or Day's Dreams) "the race of the clouds",
into this clip, we can see many of my clouds that i posted here in DeviantArt
You can go to look it there ->…
Sweet and Happy new 2008 to all !
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Salut ! Je m'appel Nicolas DV alias Nicolapin, j'ai 26 ans (né au Canada en 1981, maintenant je vis en France), je suis guitariste, bassiste, batteur, clavier, chanteur.. compositeur, auteur et interprete. Bref.. je suis musicien (mon site <a>, mais j'ai découvert récement une véritable passion pour la photographie des nuages, des paysages, de la nature, et d'autres choses  ^^

J'ai découvert ce site grâce a une amie et  j'ai eu envie d'exposé quelque de mes photos préférées ici sur devientART, j'espère que ça vous plairas.
J'utilise un Panasonics Lumix DMC-FX12… .


Hi ! My name's Nicolas D-V (say Nicolapin), I'm 26 (borned in Canada in 1981, now I live in France), I'm guitarist, bassist, drummer, keyboard, singer, compositor author and player. Well.. I'm musician (my website <a>, and i discovert recently a real passion to take clouds, skys, landscapes, nature, and others ^^

I discovered this site thnks to a friend and now I would like expose some of my favourite photographys here, I hope you'll like it.
I use a Panasonics Lumix DMC-FX12… .
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