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A King Amongst Elves - Thranduil



My first time drawing Thranduil. He's been on my list for a loong time... Glad I finally got round to him!
And he didn't turn out so bad, apart from the few minor imperfections my eyes are drawn to but he was fun to draw nonetheless. I love drawing animals too so his little antlered companion friend was interesting xD
And sorry I got lazy on the background .-.


Time: I lost count.
Used a Wacom Bamboo Tablet with PSE7 and a photo ref. (I'm sure you can all remember this scene from the hobbit!)

I hope you like it
All credit to J.R.R Tolkein for the creation of the Hobbit and all of it's characters and Peter Jackson for the amazing film [;


And if you would like, I have other Hobbit related pieces here if you'd like to take a look ^^:

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This is so gorgeous!!! *speechless*