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Pan's Labyrinth fanart

A fanart of Guillermo Del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth (El Labyrinto del Fauno), this movie is really amazing.
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C’est magnifique! J’aime bien ce film-là  - stylistiquement, c’est fantastique, mais aussi aigre-doux… Je pleure chaque fois que je le vois. Neanmoins, très belle peinture!

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For some reason this scene is really popular as an art piece subject. o.o  Nicely done!
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J'adore ce que vous avez fait avec cette image. Le film était vraiment magique.
Milebruine's avatar
ben moi j'ai pas aimé le film....
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It's more like faun art now, isn't it?
I love it a lot. You made it animeish. It's as if it really were an anime...
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So amazing! You really caught the shadowy envorynment (sorry for my bad english)!
I must fav this!
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J'ai beaucoup aimé le film mais le monstre blanc m'a traumatisée ><
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yea the movie's great. excellent art as well :D
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C'est un film magnifique, j'ai adoré.
Ton dessin est très réussi lui aussi.
J'aime beaucoup, ce coté sombre.
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So did they actually dub it?? I hate dubbings myself, but i´m spanish (from spain^^) and I feel curious as to how they might have done it! I´m used to spanish dubbings, but english dubbings on a film that´s original of your country is interesting!

I lurrrv, lurv it! I fell in love with Pan! Got the dvd before any of you cos i´m spanish wahahahaha! And i gotta say, the bonuses were INcredible! There was like three hours total. I highly recomend it! I got a small fanart of him too.
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Thats amazing. ._.
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i have yet to see it but i got the dvd and it was entirely spanish. is that the real movie or did i just buy the wrong dvd type?
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The real movie's name is 'El Laberinto del Fauno'...

Usually with dvd, you can change for english dubbing even though I think it's dreadful.
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ok, thank you. :)
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Je voulais absolument voir le film, mais quand j'ai appris le contenu de certaines scènes, j'ai abandonné... XD
(eh ouais, âme un peu trop sensible ^^;)

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Ah ce film est génial...
Superbe fan art ! Merci beaucoup !
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WOW!! Adore this picture!!
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I love that scene from the film ;-;

Ofelia has no one to trust anymore and the Faun gives her a second chance ;-;
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I love this movie. x3 I really like how these two interact. xD They're my favorite characters
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Beautifully done. This movie deserves more fanart. What didcha use?
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I've use some childs colors markers & rework it a little with photoshop.
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Can't wait to see this film!
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