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The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the wild

Fan art based on the gameplay video of the new videogame of the Zelda's series
Hope you like it
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Angelivine's avatar
Amazing work ! Really well done.
I remember the time when I was just running away from those Guardians XD
startupdisha's avatar
What a nice picture!! 
Colors and scene are very nice.
NicoFari's avatar
Thank you so much! so glad you like an old pieces of mine :P lovely support
Have a great one!
startupdisha's avatar
You are Welcome!
AngelOfDarkness089's avatar
Such a powerful scene, but man I hate those guardians so much -.-
NicoFari's avatar
Oh thank yoooouu! yes! I drew this piece at the time they only appeared on the trailer, and already hate them! xD
TheFabulousKitten's avatar
Man I really like the scene here and i love the style
but my only critisicms it that he doesn't have a sheikah slate and the guardians don't have hands and have 8 legs and the torso is a little small 
NicoFari's avatar
yeah, I made this piece like two years ago when the first video of the game come out (remember the one link was running away from that guardian?) just that, I had to figure all the outfit and stuff by imagination 
TheFabulousKitten's avatar
ah i see sorry then
ksmanga01's avatar
it's about time you renamed this :3
NicoFari's avatar
hahaaa that's true! the game got name now! haha :D
DerpNerp67's avatar
Can't wait for the game ^,^
fableweaver55's avatar
The Legend of Zelda Heart  This is a gorgeous piece of art!!

(This is more difficult to do than it looks like in this drawing. Haven't played this one but I can imagine that it's not easy to shoot an arrow from a running horse.)
NicoFari's avatar
Thanks a lot! much appreciated ;)
haha totally agreed, do you practice archery? I do but no so often and never on a horse xD
fableweaver55's avatar
No, I don't practice archery, neither horse riding :( Would love to though, but I think both must require a lot of discipline (esp. archery), but then what sport doesn't? If I get a chance to, I would love to take up archery though.

I meant even in the game, it must be difficult to pull a stunt like that - I've played previous Zelda games (a few years back when I used to game) and oh!! I just remembered, I think there was a place in "The Ocarina of Time" where you had to make Link perform horseback archery, which wasn't a piece of cake.
NicoFari's avatar
oh that's true, and it was a paint in the asfalt haha
Tattletale616's avatar
Not digging new Link's design, but artwork is amazing and makes me forget about everything I don't like in his new look xD Lighting is beautiful. Very well done!
NicoFari's avatar
Well let me say I'm really glad to read comments like this one, thanks a lot, means way too much :D
So glad you like it, and if you like the monster hunter's series, just watch me and wait a few days, cuz I'm finishing some piece ;D
see you, fella!
Tattletale616's avatar
haha sure, why not =D 
orangeglasses2's avatar
It is looking pretty awesome.
NicoFari's avatar
thanks! much appreciate, and remember I'm still open for commission, so if you are interested on someone, just send me a note ;D
Echolox's avatar
NicoFari's avatar
Thanks, fella! much appreciate ;D
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