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Dreaming of Sleep 2

Gel pen and sharpie.
Check out what it looks like under the black light!

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This is really sweet. I love it!
Milyusia's avatar
I don't know why but this picture reminds me of elephants.
SinisterSugar's avatar
this piece is extremely creative. it really appeals in its sense of uniqueness. u may also like my work!! plz feel free to check out my page and consider watching if it appeals to u :)  
NicoDauk's avatar
2nd time  you have asked me to watch you.....
kodapops's avatar
i could look at your artwork all day its simply stunning:D (Big Grin) 
RulerVicki's avatar
OMG i got inspired by you!
oxSxo's avatar
Very vibrant colors! Nice fitting patterns!
LuisMelendez64's avatar
again very colorful
botahnikal's avatar
I found your work after midnight and it was the colour that grabbed me.  But it is more.  You have beautiful work.  I truly appreciate you sharing this.  Thank you, I will be back to admire at length again in the future :D
eyeglass5's avatar
your art is unfathomably inspiring to me. You have lit a fire in me that is consuming me more and more everyday. You are the reason I have started creating again. I am incredibly greatful to your beautiful existence
NicoDauk's avatar
This is by far the best compliment that I have ever received in my entire life. I am literally in tears. Bah! I am such a girl. I was just asking myself, last night, if I should just stop with my art.  I came online to see such a beautiful and incredibly reassuring comment from you. You, in return, have lit a fire in serious. I cannot thank you enough...I really needed that and thank you for taking the time to express such healing words.
eyeglass5's avatar
Are you kidding!? Work like yours deserves more than my petty comments. Your color is too sublime for words! Please never stop!!!
Megan-Arts's avatar
Your wonderful work has been featured in our journal :iconpearls-of-dreams: [link] :heart:
NicoDauk's avatar
*blushes* Thank you so much! I really appreciate it and I am truly flattered that you find my stuff good enough for your awesome group! Thanks again! Have a great week!
Megan-Arts's avatar
Really a pleasure my dear, you are most welcome :heart:~
eriwib's avatar
This is beautifull! Very cool blacklight effect ^^ Psychadelic :)
Keri-Is-So-Very's avatar
nicostars, I sure hope I don't sound hurtful or insulting in any way by saying this, but the watermark D.A. offers, ruins the beauty of everybody's artwork and photographs who use it. Again, I hope I am not sounding like I am speaking in a cruel manner because I don't mean to at -all-, and I know that they're your pictures and you can do whatever you want to with them, but I just feel non-watermarked pictures are tremendously more enjoyable to look at than watermarked ones. Yes I know it's your decision what you do with the wonderfully gorgeous art you created, but, thought I would give feedback.

And also, I hope you have a very Happy Valentine's Day, coming up.
NicoDauk's avatar
Yea, I totally understand. The watermarks are so ugly. But, last month, someone stole 10 of my pieces and was trying to sell them online. I am just trying to prevent that until I start selling my own art.
Keri-Is-So-Very's avatar
Oh nicostars, I'm so SORRY! What a JERK! Did the person get a stern talking to?? I'm so sorry somebody did that to you! How infuriating that must have been. :(
Drimr's avatar
This is wonderful! And done only with gel pen... amazing job :clap:
LancerKK's avatar
amazing colors!
AnimeNomNoms's avatar
Such crazy, awesome colors! Good designs! ^_____^
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