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A lot of people ask me to do a tutorial,
so I'll try to make a little one.

What kind of things you like to see in it ?
modeling, texturing, rendering, postprod ?
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Tutorial? where? *wants to see it*
arom31's avatar
umm.. how about a lil bit of everything =P hehe..
What program? I would like a detailed modeling tutorial.
Kiwiks's avatar
I can't wait 'till i see your tutorial. :excited:
It would be interesting to see modeling and texturing in it :aww:
AnimatedSkier's avatar
Either modeling or how to make a detailed texture in Photoshop.
blu3F1sh's avatar
something about modeling and texturing. But rendering and postp would be welcome too.
sevenwillow's avatar
well I cannot do what you do so well but all of it would be cool!
bart-kun's avatar
at least how to make the cool animals like you do!! Like to make them look like muppets or something :XD:
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modeling modeling modeling modeling modeling modeling modeling oh and texturing. peeeaass :-D
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There's a gazillion modelling tutorials out there and most come down to personal style anyway. A tute on how you achieve the awesome cartoonly look to a lot of your work would be ace (texturing/lighting/post-production/etc).
Sadiya's avatar
yes, yes, yes aaaand yes :XD:

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modelling ftw. and perhaps a cuteness tutorial. :)
lucinka's avatar
definitely modeling. :aww:
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Preferably all of it, but more so modeling and rendering.
dogparry's avatar
I would like to see everything my friend. From the modelling to the end.
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I dont know what programs you use, but I'd have to say post production, and rendering. (But I'm only going to view it if it is Maya/MentalRay)
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i agree with =vozzz. i'd like to see how you do your rendering, and any post work. :D
Tibys's avatar
Me toooooooooo :D
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oooh!!! great!!! well.. i personaly don't know anything about that... so.. i preffer to read some Basic stuff about modelling ;-)

congratulations for your decition... i really appreciate when someone... here, there, everywhere, takes a time to share their experience with others :D
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Je suis également interessé par un tuto :p
Modélisation, Application des textures, enfin tout et avec quel (s)programme(s) de modelisation et de rendu :)
drgutman's avatar
modeling and texturing :) .. ohh ... and thatnks for the ~watch :D
vozzz's avatar
I dunno, you can go ahead, but i reckon most of the people that ask you won't actually be able to learn from what you show them. As your models arn't particularily detailed, the character is what sets them apart.

But if i have to choose i reckon post production and rendering would be most usefull, as alot of people can model, but are hopeles at presenting their stuff.

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modelling and texture... thanks dear :)
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