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Hi everybody,

Sad times, I've lost a friend in a car accident few weeks ago
(drive slowly please), I work all the day in front of monitor,
so at evening it's difficult to come back on my pc,
no girlfriend since a longtime now,
my work is really borring...

But there's the sun, a big picture I'm working on,
my dog stop digging my garden, little bird in the morning,
my cherry tree is nearly full of cherry...

take care
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Hey :hug: I'm an avid watcher of your gallery...

I'm sorry for your loss :petting: Just keep your chin up.... if things seem the worst they can be, they can only get better, right?

Ask for a short term of leave at work...and just suck in the fresh air. Maybe things will start looking better then.

As for the girl....who knows, she might be lying right around the next corner; you just have to be prepared :glomp:

Anyway, Good luck....Hope things work out for you!
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Vraiment désolé pour ton ami, ton projet canalisera peut-être ta tristesse...
Bonne chance
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sorry to hear about ur friend :(
its really strange suddenly losing a friend (as opposed to elderly relatives, etc).. i lost a good friend in a motorcycle accident :/

keep your chin up sweety.. its all you can do.
i hope many good things come your way soon.
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:hug: Losing a friend is horrible. You have my sympathy..
It's ok to take a break from art, everybody needs one sometimes. A good time to think of ideas are the moments in bed before you fall asleep, and you're only have awake. thats what I do when I'm too busy to think about it during the days. You'll find a girl, I'm sure :)

Always good to see the silver lining...:hug:
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im sorry to hear about your friend...hang in there... :hugg: we're all here for you if you need to let it out!
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I'm sorry about your friend... keep thinking positive, life will shape up :petting: :hug: Can't wait for your next piece! :)
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awww :hug:

Things will work out, death is a part of life....just drown out the pain with things you love :yes::yes:
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sorry to hear you have lost a friend :( We lost a close friend to cancer a couple of months ago...I miss him!
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Sorry for you too
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you're welcome and thank you :hug:
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Very sorry to hear about that, take care, won't you? :) Don't get too down. :D
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I feel for you. Sorry to hear that. I lost my best friend to Leukemia last fall. Still hurts. I miss the conversations most of all. We, my family and his celebrated his birthday in Feb. It was a full moon. Now every full moon I look at it and say hello with a smile. Hope you fin something like that to remember with a smile. - Linda
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Take care of you Linda
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sorry to hear you lost a friend.
real hard to get good friends these days, when you loose them its like u lost a part of you.
wish you get over this soon and :hug:
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