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Try to change my mind...

EDIT : packed two version,
1680x1050 (widescreen)
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why does this make me think of the Geico gecko? but i like it, the colors are so cute

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... lovely work, very smart!! Can i take this as avatar as profilepicture?
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I lived with geckos in Hawaii. They had the sweetest almost bird-like chirp and whenever they would eat a small cockroach they would sound off. I adored them and you have captured all that gecko charm in this little guy! Thank you! I love the whimsy of your artwork!
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Hi there :) Saw your artwork on an Ebay item out of Hong Kong and thought I'd let you know.…
Seller's shop (in case the item is gone when you see this)…
Love your work, hate to see it stolen!
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They are  very lovely! Your works are very cheerful, I love them.
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which program are you using
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Wanted to let you know about this, in case you didn't already:

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Thanks for reporting me this
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Ugh, I just noticed they also have your prince charming frog:

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No problem, happy to help. I used this little guy as my pc wallpaper for ages, so I recognized him straight away. ;)
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LOL, adorable!!!
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aaaawww i love this! :)
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i luv your WP...its so cute
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Wonderful and very cuuuuuute :3
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I love the style of your creatures :D
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