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For a beautifull and kind girl...
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This is Beautiful
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This piece is so beautiful, but it's the detail and motion in the grass that astounds me. Absolutely stunning!
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Love the details on butterflies!

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that is prity
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"Now in his Palace of the West,
Sinking to slumber, the bright Day,
Like a tired monarch fann'd to rest,
'Mid the cool airs of Evening lay;
While round his couch's golden rim
The gaudy clouds, like courtiers, crept--
Struggling each other's light to dim,
And catch his last smile e'er he slept." ~Thomas Moore

Tranquility rests here. Lovely!
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this is really pretty
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it's the first time i see your deviation, very beatiful , nice work man!
did the girl appreciate this?
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Wow. This is stunning. word...BEATUIFUL.
Its official. I am envious of your work!
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Lol, Thanks :)
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omg what program do you use to make such awesome art? And how long does it take to make it ? :O youre so talented!
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Thanks :)
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Beautiful. I love the colors.
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Your art is awesome. could you make a monkey?
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I have to do :)
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A lot of your pictures are in my favorites, and i haven't even looked at all of them yet.
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i'll love you if you want :XD: ;P

seriously though, i could look at this forever
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Thanks :) ... I'm now in love :D
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