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Nico X Reyna V

    Reyna P.O.V
    I was late to assembly. Octavian had already finished roll call for me and was handling the uneasy crowd from atop the stage 'till my arrival. He was donned in the usual: The sky blue shirt, crisp white toga and his trademark teddy-belt. His knuckles were white on his pugio. His straw-blonde hair was windblown, gving him the aura of an Augur. He would've been doing a good job of controlling the Romans, if it weren't for the sudden appearance of what seemed to be a man in the middle of the crowd.
    People shifted back uncomfortably. They didn't know whether to kneel or attack. The man, who was draped in black silk smiled slowly.
    "You may kneel." he said smoothly. His hood fell of his face, his skin the colour of roasted coffee. His smile was as white as a star. I heard an audible gasp... from Nico. The man shifted a
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10 ways to Annoy Anubis
    1. Use Pick Up lines that have to do with dogs.
    e.g) You know what I want for breakfast in bed? A hot dog.
    2. Use Pick Up lines that have to do with funeral rites.
    e.g) You can perform the opening of the mouth ceremony all you want on me. But I don't think I can open wide enough. (Cookie if you get this one!)
    3. Ask him if he eats kibbles.
    4. Tell him to wax his arms/legs. THEN RUN. 
    5. Whenever he walks by, follow him. When he tells you to stop, say, "woof, woof."  and keep following him. If he gets mad, insist that you're a dog and then rant about how Anubis doesn't treat dogs like how Bast treats cats.
    6. Tell Sadie that Anubis has a wife named Anput.
    7. And that he has a snake-faced daughter named Kebchet.
    8. Watch the fun. Record it, and upload it to GodTube. Then share the link to Anubis.
    9. Sing, "Hey, I just met you!
:iconnico-di-angelo-fan:Nico-Di-Angelo-fan 12 9
Disabled Part eight (LokiXReader)
    You gulped uneasily as Loki regarded your presence with cold eyes. He pulled out the scepter you knew too well and pressed the tip of it uncomfortably against your chest. 
    "This is going to be very easy." he smirked. His sinister smile sent chills down your spine. 
    "What do you mean?" You shuddered. His scepter sent cool beams to your body.
    "You...are going to co-operate." he replied cooly. You felt your body become cased with a new identity. He was your master, and you were his slave. You felt as if in sleep-paralysis, couldn't move on your will. From behind the 'real Loki' stood his illusion watching you with sad eyes. Loki turned to the illusion. "I didn't know you would have a mind of your own." he said, closing his eyes. The illusion took it as a cue and dissapeared into the body of his master. 
    Loki then regarded you with cold eyes. You couldn't help but noticing that t
:iconnico-di-angelo-fan:Nico-Di-Angelo-fan 7 8
An Interview with the Gods IV- Zeus and Hera
    Good Morning Hephaestus TV subscribers! Welcome to the new episode of 'An Interview with the Gods!' Today's special guests are...Zeus and Hera! 

    Niko: Welcome your majesty! Er...Majesties.

    Hera: Hi.
    Zeus: Hello!
    Niko: Okay, first question... how do you think the campers think of you?

    Zeus: I think that they think that I'm awesome. Obviously, because if they didn't..that would be another story.
    Hera: Does your mother know you're here hmm? How does she approve of your screen name? Pft..another parenting mistake.
    Zeus: Excuse my impertinent wife. You can probably guess what the campers think of her.
    Niko: Ooh kay...  second question. Who's your least favorite camper?

    Zeus: Either Percy or Nico...or Luke.....
    Hera: If that was any of your business......
    Niko: No offence,
:iconnico-di-angelo-fan:Nico-Di-Angelo-fan 3 7
    Drew brushed her corkscrew curls in a fruitless attempt to tame them. A slow sigh escaped her glossed lips as she struggled to untangle them.
    "You're not used to morning hair are you?" someone said.
    "No." Drew laughed, "I am. Just not used to looking so glamorous when I get up."
    The girl laughed, "You'll get used to it, Drew. Soon, your hair'll get better too!"
    Drew smiled and tried again to brush her hair. "Silena, can you help please?" The girl stepped forward, took the brush in her manicured hands and gently brushed the tangles out of her hair.
    "You're....Promise me something Drew."
    "You'll stay this innocent. Even..if I'm not there for you. Like, don't go self-obsessed beauty queen on me." 
    "What do you mean by that, Silena?" Drew replied. She glanced in the mirror to see Silena regarding her silver bracelet. "Silena?"
:iconnico-di-angelo-fan:Nico-Di-Angelo-fan 3 20
Disabled~ Part seven (LokiXReader)
    Loki's illusion blasted a ray of pure, blue energy into the sky. You watched as it rained on you, and the others.
    "Wait!" you gasped, "Don't transport my family too!" 
    "Too late." he replied slyly. You felt yourself rise as if injected with helium, then all went into a blur.
    You were brought back to conciousness in what seemed to be a cage. You were trapped. Tricked.
    "Let me out!" Your screams echoed throughout the large, empty hall. 
    "That's not a good idea."  a familiar voice said.
    "Dustin!" You exclaimed, flinging yourself into his open arms. 
    "Hi." he said, laughing, "Missed me?" 
    You didn't answer. A cold feeling washed over you as you clutched your boyfriend. The way he held you, in his strong arms- it reminded you of what happened at he airport. How the illusion had held you in the same way. You broke free from his embrace, massag
:iconnico-di-angelo-fan:Nico-Di-Angelo-fan 6 5
Smoking on Christmas Eve
    Okay guys, here's the drill. If you're not comfortable with guy love, then please don't read on. 
    Cain sat on the cold, rusting bench and pulled out his silver lighter. Smoking always helped him escape reality, the coldness of life. He always carried a packet for emergencies, and at that moment he was suffering from nostalgia. (that counts as an emergency right?) He was taking a long drag when a voice cut through the calm atmosphere.
    "Smoking is bad for health, Cain." The familiar voice said. Cain defiantly puffed out the smoke from his mouth, along with a puff of cold air.
    "Shove off." Cain replied to the voice, he turned to face the source and saw him. Cain's ditzy 'other brother'. He was dressed in a purple trench coat with a green scarf, greatly contrasting against the white and gray of his surroundings. He smirked,
    "Missed me, Cain?" he said, sarcastically, "I
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Disabled part six~(LokiXReader)
    "You all have been chasing the wrong man!"  he said hollowly, "I am a mere illusion."
    "Yeah. We know."  Tony said, "We traced you to our headquarters."

    "No, you don't get it. I am only an illusion. I was an illusion the whole time. We have a mind of our own, you see. We are capable to hate, bear grudge and love on our own..."
    "So you're saying..."  You began,

    "Yes, (y/n), I was in love with you. I strayed from my mission. Loki punished me severly but that didn't work out either. So we came to conclusion."
    "And what is that?"  Natasha ventured.

    "I could be a potential distraction."
    "Okay..." Steve said, "So that means.."

    "SHIT!" Tony cursed, "The bastard. He's probably blowing up our headquarters now! Bruce, you take Natasha and Steve and get on the plane. I'll take care of the
:iconnico-di-angelo-fan:Nico-Di-Angelo-fan 7 0
Disabled Part five (LokiXReader)
    Tony Stark was a very rich man.
    As soon as the time came, he pulled out his private jet and whooshed you and the rest of the 'Avengers' (That's what they told you they were called) on the way to New York. The Avengers all went to go annoy the pilot and you were left alone. You stared out the window, the sky was painted red by the setting sun. You rested your chin idlely on the raised armrest. You heard the curtains wisk open and you jerked up to face Thor the thunder god.
    "Greetings young maiden."  he said awkwardly, you scoffed.
    "Maiden-shmaiden. You're dragging me forcefully to possibly save or watch my family die!"
    "My apologies ma'am."  he mumbled. "How did you find yourself in the airport....if I may ask." You sighed,
    "I finished my studies abroad and I wanted to go home to my family to celebrate."
    "And.."  Thor began, "Your boyfriend?"
:iconnico-di-angelo-fan:Nico-Di-Angelo-fan 8 2
Disabled Part four (LokiXReader)
    "Excuse me?"  You protested, "I am not being bait for an insane guy who wants to blast New York into smithereens!"
    "No?"  The blonde man said, "Alright then, you'll just have to be the first one to watch your city go down in flames!"
    "How did I even get here?"  You said, quizzically. 
    "Well, Loki has the power to be in different places at once. The man you were with, might have been an illusion and if Loki drew the illusion back into himself, it would take you there along with it!" The guy with the red glove said,
    "I tapped into the energetic-tension in here and forced a different dimension in the room. Using the godly-whatever waves that Thor emmited, I  was able to bring Loki's location in here. Which basically means, I copied the illusion that was with you and pasted it here. The real Loki is somewhere in New York."  You blinked. This man made no sense. The glove-g
:iconnico-di-angelo-fan:Nico-Di-Angelo-fan 7 2
Fancy a cup of hot tea?
    There was a little cottage in the woods. It was made of the weakest wood and rashest hay. It was cemented with mud. A man lived in this cottage. A young man, at the age of sixteen. Very handsome of course, always dressed in his best suit when he went to work. His parents were frail and on the brink of death. The man worked in the city, miles away from the woods. He started his journey at four in the morning and reached the city at nine on the clock. It was a well paying job and it did him good. 
    He knew a woman there, in the city. She was rich, and had a rich family. He fell in love with her and she with him. Her parents didn't mind. His parents didn't want him to get married to a rich girl. He was grief stricken. 
    Every beautiful woman has more than one lover. Him being the only one the woman loved back, there was a gang after him. Three burly men with knives and raspy voices. One night they stalked him in the woo
:iconnico-di-angelo-fan:Nico-Di-Angelo-fan 2 0
Disabled (LokiXReader) Part three
    You blinked in frustration. Where am I? You thought. 
    "Where are we?" Loki said, confused. "We are supposed to be on the airplane to New York!"
    "You, sir, are in my house."  A voice responded. You turned to face a handsome man leaning against the wall wearing what seemed to be, a red mechanic glove. This day just had to be filled with hot guys that you couldn't have. Loki sneered,
    "Tony Stark?" he looked around, "Black widow....Captain America......Hulk......Thor?! Now what is this exactly? A super-hero fest designed to destroy me!" 
    "We have to stop you from going to New York, Loki."  A red-haired woman said, "You'll destroy everything."  You gulped. Was he actually capable of all these things? 
    "And you've also found yourself a midgardian hostage, haven't you?"  Thor spat. You faced Lo
:iconnico-di-angelo-fan:Nico-Di-Angelo-fan 10 8
Disabled (LokiXReader) Part two
    "We need you back Loki."  The man....Thor said. You wondered what was going on. The other, Loki hissed,
    "You need me back in jail!" 
    You stuttered,
    "Wait you guys."  You said, rubbing your sore bottom.  "You don't mean to guys are gods?"
    "Cute and smart."  Loki remarked, "And how would you know that midgardian?" 
    "Because..."  You said, hurt because he hadn't called you by name, "You're Loki. God of mischief. He's Thor, god of thunder...Norse myth....right?" 

    "Someone's been researching their Norse myth!"  Loki laughed, "Yes (y/n). We are gods."

    Thor frowned,
    "Loki, come brother. Come back to Asgard. You are too dangerous." 

    Loki smirked,
:iconnico-di-angelo-fan:Nico-Di-Angelo-fan 7 7
Disabled (LokiXReader) *TEASER*
    You looked up at the assistant in the airport. You had finished schooling abroad and you wanted to go to New York to visit your parents. 
    "Can you get me an assistant?"  You called up to the woman. She looked over the counter at you, at your wheelchair. 

    "Of course hun, just a sec'" she replied.


    A strange man had been put in-charge to handle you. He wore the strangest clothing you had ever seen. A green coat-ish type thing with a golden helmet and a blue scepter. Nobody seemed to notice of it in the airport, it was as if his aura was an entire illusion! He grasped the back of your wheelchair with firm hands and steered you out of the airport nonchalantly.
    "What the hell do you think you're doing!"  you screamed. Nobody heard you but him. 
    "What is your name girl."  he said smoothly in a br
:iconnico-di-angelo-fan:Nico-Di-Angelo-fan 27 11
Positively Mad! *Teaser*
    The old man was crazy. It didn't take a genius to find that out. He wore a golden crown upside-down upon his wrinkled forehead. The mark of a pharaoh. (A god-damn loopy one at that!)  His ruby-red robes hung loosely around his spindly frame. 
    He was positively mad. I watched as he cackled, drool hanging from his gums. 
    I couldn't help thinking that he looked a lot like the camel he was struggling to get off of.
    Amun-Re was his name, most people just called him Ra. This single-syllable named person was the source of everything on Egypt! It was supposed to be a rare privilege to be training with him!
    Why didn't it feel like it then?
    Well, firstly…..he's old. I was willing to bet that he couldn't even lift up a grain of sand! And lastly…..he was crazy! Senile even!
    This morning, my mother had told me over a cup of sahlab that I was training with him
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A child that could never be his.
   Her heart ached for him but she knew they couldn't be together from the moment she saw him. He never thought that she liked him back, he won her over with false promises. When they were together, he showed her his dangerous side.
    She loved it.
    It exited her.
    She spent nights with him. They hoped for a miracle.
    He couldn't have children.
    She couldn't conceive.
    I guess it was meant to be. He was furious at the thought of missing out on fatherhood. He fell into the arms of Alcohol. She escaped his abuse into the arms of his brother…
    Into his brother's bed.
    She knew his brother had a wife, but she was desperate for a child. One day she felt in her stomach, another heartbeat. In her ignorance, she showed him. He pressed his palm against her belly and smiled. A smile she hadn't seen in a while.
    He was happy.
    His smile melted. The hear
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