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I didn't know how to name these(no news here XD)
I made it with a ball pen and a special ruler when I was bored out of my mind and thought: "hey, I can make some brushes out of this" LOL
So, here it is, they're quite large, but I think the creative minds here at deviant will find some good use for it. hope so ^^'
anyway, see the journal for more details, like all my brushes they were made with ps7.
hope you like it (comments please) =)
29 brushes in this set.

I give permission to ~BrushMakers to submit and display this work.
© 2006 - 2021 nico-brushes
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love your pretties!!!!! i am downlading them.... and i will be watching you!!!!
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*wipes drool off your page*

Sorry, I just like them lol
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Thanks again for the image pack. I just used these.-> [link] I'll try and let you know anything else I make with them. If I don't let you know you can count on me to add a link to you in my comments!
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This is very unique for brushes. Excellent idea. FAV. Thank you so much for your hard work, and making them public for photo-manipulators.
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I wish you had included an imagepack. I would have loved to use these with Gimp.
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If you want to, drop me a note with your email and I´ll send you the image pack =)
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Will do. I just dropped you a note. :) BTW you have a lot of awesome brushes in your gallery. :)
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