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Here are some HUGE animal fur brushes, altough the obvious use for these would be making backgrounds, I decided to do something a little different.
8 brushes in this set, sorry about the size :\

The beautiful stock used in the preview is credited to I hope she will forgive me for doing this to her XD

So comments ppl, I promise it doesn't hurt =D
For instructions on how to use and general guidelines please read my journal

PS: Deviant is not letting me comment on other ppl main pages right now, so for those who were kind enough to fav this and others deviations I´m very very thankful, hope you don't think I´m rude, I`ll be thanking you properly as soon as possible :\
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I am from argentina.
I can't download this brush.

Help please!
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I've used your brush ;)

Please, watch it [link]

Thanx a lot :hug:
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Nice work, could well be used as an anti-fur ad.
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^^ exactly what I needed!
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oh i don't mind, they're cute
so cute i may just have to find a reason to use them
i'll let ya know if i do
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nice i love it
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