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Chains (duh) ^^'
14 brushes.
Please read the "rules" on the main page (they're not really rules, more like guidelines I think)
and please leave a comment if you download it. That's what keeps me going ... =D
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Muchas Gracias !!

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♥♥ love ♥♥ it ◕‿◕
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Downloaded, thanks! Hug 
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Thanks for the brushes! Adding bracelets to this chick:  Smoketweak2 by Altitron
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Thx for the beautiful chain brushes xD!
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Downloaded. thanks
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Downloaded these for a project. Thanks very much!
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Thank you very :love: much!
It's a perfect!! thank you very much!!
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Thank you for providing these wonderful resources, I will be linking back to you when I use them. Thanks again. ;)
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Downloaded. Will be posting work with credit. Thanks :D (Big Grin) 
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Thank you for this. :D here, have a llama chasing llama again 
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Downloaded, And thankyou!!!!
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Downloaded :) Thank you very much.
very nice, thanks
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Downloaded them! Thanks~ :D
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