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I just love bamboo!
9 brushes
comments =D
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Great brushes. I used them here: Feudal Tales, 99cent edition Thanks for making them
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Seriously the best on DA for bamboo. Thank you so much!
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I've used your brush here for background ^^

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I used your brushes to make this:[link]
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Awesome brushes =D
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Hi ! used yor brushes here. :)

thank you so much !!! LOVE EM.
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I downloaded! I thought I could use them as a wallpaper template for my bedroom, but the pictures arn't very clear and good to repeat.
But I still like them a lot and I could use them for tons of other things! Thank you!
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Howdy! Used this in another project, here: [link]

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Wow, these would be perfect for a project I may have coming up for a friend's band. I will link you when I am done. Thanks a million, you saved me a ton of work!
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Hey there! I was working on a project, needed bamboo brushes and found yours. Lucky I did, really enjoy them! Thank you for making them available!! :)

morning rain: [link]

I have you bookmarked! ;)
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I used this brush here
Really nice !
and very usable inside images.
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thank you :hug:
glad you liked
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