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Nostalgia and Necro Critic - Felix the Cat

Now first off, I intended to post this once :iconnostalgiacriticplz: has his version of his review of this childhood abomination. But couldn't wait any longer. Even for the review. I just hope NC produced his own version reviewing his movie. NC - Felix the Cat by MaroBot

My other favorite NC TheNecroCritic already reviewed this retarded cartoon movie and tore it a new one. Necro Critic: Felix the Cat by TicklishSocks If you like to see it, check it out.…

Secondly, if Necro already reviewed this movie and NC is going to too, well know that Necro also reviewed "Baby Genesies" and then NC did too. If Nostalgia Chick already did "X-Men" and Obscurus Lupa already reviewed "The Room" and so on. ^^; Not that it makes NC a copycat. >.> Still....

And thirdly, it would be awesome if these two reviewed this god-awful, raping-of-my-childhood of a movie, together. I know Necro kinda has bad blood against NC, but this movie is the real enemy here. Best idea in going into the battlefield with someone who has experience it before in order to take it down.

And last, I would like to apologize to any Felix the Cat fans of the cartoon, if this image disturbs you. Same to any cat lovers. But what's depicted here is just neutering the poor cat, not killing him. Sorry Felix, but this is for your own good.

I do look forward to this review. :D Hope it'll be at least original and amusing beyond belief.

Necro Critic (c) :iconthenecrocritic:
Nostalgia Critic (c) Doug Walker
Felix the Cat (c) Whoever he belonged to
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