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Super Smash Bronies Brawl

By nickyv917
Requested by mioio

I'm don't think this is my best work, but I'd give this one a "not terrible".

BTW, yesterday I was watching ESPN's Pardon the Interruption, and one of the hosts, Tony Kornheiser, inadvertently made a brony reference. I thought it was funny, but I doubt he actually is one. Doesn't seem like his thing.

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do Brony Crossing: Wild World is Magic
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just like Super Smash Bros Brawl
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The bronies ruins everything in the universe
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Melee's better than it's nerfed sequel anyway cuz its more competitive. :P
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Yep, you can no longer enjoy Brawl.  I've taken this away from you forever.  I win.  Hahaha.
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Hope you're happy, you monster..
nickyv917's avatar
I may've chuckled once or twice.
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I hope you never make another MLP parody ever again. ;-;
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Why does there have to be such thing as copyright???
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I bought a Wii U two play Super Smash Bros, but all I've done is look at pony pichers, and I have the game suspended in the background. Is something wrong with me?
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Don't let the anti bronies get there hands on it
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Just imagine how fucking stupid and boring that game would be with ponie ???? they have only 3 kinds of them ones have dick growing out of their heads, others are normal and other have wings so are you all bronies like FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PONIES AND HORSES IHAHAAAA 
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1. The idiots who think and act as described are the vocal minority we wish to eliminate as soon as possible. (God knows our reputation's bad enough as it is.) These fuckwads are known as "extremes" and were given that title for a reason.

2. more than just ponies in the show.

3. Brawl isn't boring without ponies?

4. It's not all happy fun times in the MLP universe like you may think. Check out the comics. That shit gets dark. (At least, compared to the rest of the franchise.)

5. Read your conversation with nickyv917. They're not elves, they're Hylians. Hylians are humans that have evolved and learned to use magic. Why their ears grew is beyond me. So his numbers are right.

6. By your logic, Brawl supports furries because it has pokemon in it.

7. This is the internet. Quit trying to prove your point. You're automatically wrong.

Thank you in advance for understanding. :)
driverdude's avatar
1. Ok

2. hardly

3. No it's not it's at it's greatest that way

4. But I don't want to get my eyes bleed again

5. I know I know but it was some kinda random conversation that which is the closest that link could be and he is hyrulian we know that but that was just thinking like "what if" ????

6. It has but not all pokemons have furr because others are bugs and turtles and birds and like that but they belong to nintendo and MLP belongs toooooo..... Hmm fuck I don't even know D8

7. What even if I'm right in something and I can still be wrong because someone doesn't want to see the truth is that what you mean or just that I'm wrong ??? Why do you let these things hang soo badly

No problem 
Billybobjoeman's avatar
2. Okay you've got a point. While there are other species, they're not all that varied.

6. Hasbro. And I see your point.

7. On the internet, there is no truth. Only opinions. What happens to opinions on the internet? They either get ignored or torn apart for being "wrong". The people decide what's the truth and what are lies here. But people are indecisive so think of the internet as a massive flame war that no one can win.
driverdude's avatar
Ok but still I have one card that many doesn't have I'm honest and I don't ever lie because with lying you can't make your point and it makes yourself pissed afterwards
Billybobjoeman's avatar
Kaaaay...what does that have to do with anything?
driverdude's avatar
Yes it does once I saw that other people were saying to one guy that he's picture was amazing and good and I just feel bad when people lie right to face and I was the only one that has balls to say as it is because he can't advance or upgrade he's skills if every picture is amazing and this picture was made so poorly that it hurts my eyes
Billybobjoeman's avatar
Oh. Well then that makes sense. But it's all a matter of perspactive. What might be shit to you coulld be amazing to someone else. But some criticism is always helpful.
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How many human characters are there in Brawl?

Thanks for trying.
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Ike, marth, snake, mario, luigi, wario, peach, ness and lucas so 9 out of 35 so that's not even much but thanks for trying kid ;D
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