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Starpony Adventures

Requested by ACEnBEAKY

This has got to be the most polarizing GameCube game ever. I've seen people say that this game is a steaming pile of rhino dung, and other people saying that this game gives Wind Waker a run for the money in terms of GameCube action-adventures. What do you think?

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JonTron was too harsh on this game.
Jojimore's avatar
Lmao this was like my favorite game as a kid, plus the music is amazing
Rainbow2-0's avatar
Um... where's the rest of this crossover?
TheAverageEspurr's avatar
The game itself was not bad, but it was a huge disappointment to Starfox fans. 
BlazeHeartPanther's avatar
While I do enjoy Starfox Adventures to some degree, Id of appreciated it if it was Dinosaur Planet.
AidanInferno's avatar
I approve of this XP
sporex2-paints's avatar
Wait, people think that this game gives WW a run for it's money?
nickyv917's avatar
Look in the comments of the cover.
sporex2-paints's avatar
I mean, real people? That played through the game and weren't paid to write good things about it?
nickyv917's avatar
Look in the comments of the cover.
Melody-Fox's avatar
I love Starfox Adventuressss! This is awesome! :la:
Melody-Fox's avatar
You're welcome~:heart:
Heartbeatstildefeat's avatar
Underapreciation at it's finest. Oh you don't like starfox adventures? Well... LET'S SEE WHAT MISTER REDEYE KING HAS TO SAY ABOUT THAT!
DBZFan12's avatar
Starfox Adventures.
TheLonelyDieno's avatar
Favorite Game, Mixed with Favorite TV Show... :meow:
gameandwatch171's avatar
im sorry i just cannot take pinkie pie seriously as the roll of fox, if it was either AJ or RD i would take it a little bit more seriously but pinkie pie as fox just doesn't work with me
nickyv917's avatar
Yea, that stems back to my cover of Starfox Assault. It wasn't until I was 4 hours in, and 95% done with it that I thought, "Oh wait, Pinkie and Fox don't really match up. Oh well, I've put too much into this to throw it away now."
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