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Sailor Hygiea 2012 Senshi Pageant Qualification



My Asteroid Senshi Sailor Hygiea is now competing in the 2012 Senshi Pageant over at :iconsenshi-pageant: Please wish her luck!

Qualification Round: Initial Interview

:bulletblack: Tell us something about you that will help us remember you.
* gives a friendly smile and a small waive * "Hi, I'm Sailor Hygiea the Medic Senshi who serves under the Solar Queen as part of her Asteroid Senshi. I'm the daughter of two doctors, in a long line of them. I've also inherited my dad's terrible sense of humor says just about everyone."

:bulletblack: Life begins at...
"The day you find out your purpose in life. The light comes on, and it guides you. It keeps you warm when the world feels lonely sometimes. But listen to me... way too serious!"

:bulletblack: Describe your typical day.
"I usually begin the day by training with the other Asteroid Senshi, which can be fun, but often leaves me winded or with a self-inflicted bruise or two (I'm not all that coordinated!) Afterword, I try to catch lunch with one of the girls, usually Euphrosyne (who is always a good time) or Psyche (who swears she will wring my neck if I utter one more stupid pun). Speaking of which, I have a joke! Okay, KNOCK KNOCK! (who's there?) Banana! (Banana who?) KNOCK KNOCK! (who's there?) Banana! KNOCK KNOCK! No, wait, come back, I'm sorry! Guess you know that one... Anyways, after that I study medicine until the evening, when I like to find out what everyone else is doing, and hang out with the girls. Of course, that's if the Queen doesn't need our help defending the Solar system. You know... places to go, people to patch up after fighting marauders from beyond this galaxy..."

:bulletblack: What do you want to do with your life?
"My goal is to become the very best doctor, medic, and Senshi possible. It's my job to keep my sister soldiers and my Queen safe, and save that, to keep them alive. Well, that and keep everyone from being so gloomy all the time!"

:bulletblack: What is your weakest personality trait?
"Well, I guess I'm I'm honest, it's that I get frightened easy... when I'm up against a strong enemy I always feel weak and terrified. But I'm trying to overcome it, as I'm even more frightened of causing one of the other Senshi to get hurt trying to save my ass. Still, I've found myself running away with an enemy on my tail more than I'd like to say, and someone has to come save me" *sigh* "But if you were to ask Psyche, it's that I'm a pain in her behind!" * cheeky grin *

:bulletblack: What is your strongest personality trait?
"My winning personality and sharp wit of course." * rolls eyes * "No, I'd say that it's that I try to not take my self so seriously all the time."

:bulletblack: What would be your logo on a T-shirt?
"Oh, I'd really like a nice tee with an orange medic cross on it. And I'll admit it, if it was out of that shiny foil-like iron-on stuff, that would be nifty!" * hint hint *

:bulletblack: Are you a giver or a taker?
"I guess since I am a medic, I am mostly a giver... but I'll always take seconds for dessert!" * stupid grin *

:bulletblack: List three of the most unusual things you have done.
"Let's see..." *counts on fingers*
"1. I've broken all limbs at least once, almost all of my fingers, half of my toes, two ribs, and my color bone. I did say I'm clumsy and not very strong" * grimace *
"2. I am a trained ballerina who has performed professionally, which you'd think wouldn't work for a clumsy girl. It's one of the few times that seems to make my body move correctly, where I don't trip over my own two feet. That and my hand's steadiness when I'm practicing medicine are the only things I tend to do grace.
3. I have raised an albino python from a baby, named her Alabaster, and now she can wrap around by whole body. She's one of my very best friends, and doesn't seem to mind hundreds of terrible puns as long as I love her."

:bulletblack: Other than your looks, what do you like most about yourself?
"I like how far I've come from a puny recruit to a skilled healer, and I can tell every day that the hard work is paying off. If I can only stop being a chicken shit, I'll be the complete package any day now." * checks non-existent watch on wrist *

:bulletblack: What would you name your autobiography?
"I know it's cliché, but how about “Laughter is the Best Medicine”? "

:bulletblack: Who is your role model? / Who or what inspires you?
"My mom and dad were the ones that showed me what selflessness was when they used their medical knowledge to work with programs that helped people in war-torn areas before Crystal Tokyo came about... they taught me the value of human life, health, and compassion. I'll always carry that with me. I also have to say that the stories of all the Senshi's last stands in the past has served as an example of hidden strength and standing up even in the face of certain death... you can't shake that kind of thing."

:bulletblack: What would you like to see done to improve the public’s understanding of the importance of Senshi? Why?
"I think it's hard for the general public to understand what it's like to face down enemies and to carry the weight of the responsibility. That being said, if a person can find a a cause that drives them to help, mentor, or protect another person or people, they will have some understanding of the importance of Senshi, and all soldiers and servants of others.
...That or a we can do a comedy tour!" * Jazz hands *

-The questions are by the administrators of the Senshi Pageant
-Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi
-Sailor Hygiea is mine
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Adorable! I love her freckles!