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Nicky's Sketch Advent Calendar Pt 2



Nicky's Sketch Advent Calendar Pt 1 by nickyflamingo

PAGE 2! Page 3 to follow with like 30 more people on it! *faints*

There are three pages, and this will be going from Dec 1st-Dec 31st 2013. They're just inked sketches, sorry I just couldn't color 31 panels with the time I have. But I hope you like them!

I wanted to include as many people who have supported me this year as I can. No one is on here in a specific order, just what I was able to come up with on each mini scene :giggle:

Thank you all, I really, really appreciate you all, and everyone I wasn't able to fit in one of the three pages!


:iconwizardllamabadgeplz: Dec 20th:

Tasked with decorating the tree are :iconrindaimaiou:'s Clarinet, :iconheart-of-amethyst:'s Sailor Mini Moon, and :iconsailorsilverfalcon:'s Sailor Silver Falcon! My little NOVA is a Christmas angel who is helping ^_^
Nicky B-day 2010 by rindaimaiouOSI 2011 Qualifier: Mini Earth by Heart-of-AmethystSailor Silver Falcon - Retro Fuku by sailorsilverfalcon

:iconwizardllamabadgeplz: Dec 19th:
Even more tinsel and badly drawn giant candy canes courtesy of :iconthe-lantiis:'s Sailor Oracle and :icontolipe:'s Sailor Zodiac.
MTS: Sailor Oracle by The-LantiisSailor Zodiac!! by tolipe

:iconwizardllamabadgeplz: Dec 18th:
While :iconstuffed-frog:'s Sailor Eta Carinae isn't sure she wants to give hers up, she, :iconsihi-chan:'s Sailor Chibi Nemesis and :iconcheddar99043:' Sailor Ashera are getting ready to exchange gifts.…

:iconwizardllamabadgeplz: Dec 17th:
:iconc-beni:'s Evelyn and :iconkennasaur:'s  Sailor Chronos and Aeon are busting out the garland to deck some halls.…

:iconwizardllamabadgeplz: Dec 16th:
:iconannemarie1986:'s Kalini and :iconsilvervulpine:'s Blue Morpho (minus her helmet) decorate a teensy tree.

:iconwizardllamabadgeplz: Dec 15th:
:iconshuu-bunni:'s Sailor Scorpio has a chat with :icongoth-chan:'s Sailor Charon has unwittening been decorated by :iconkenlybop:'s Inverse Ultra Draco. So many dark haired beauties!

:iconwizardllamabadgeplz: Dec 14th:
My Sailor Hygiea and :iconmistresslegato:'s Sailor Asclepios observe the tradition of silly winter seaters (seriously, this is an art tradition with the two of us, usually between Charles and NOVA, though the sweaters she made were awesome).

:iconwizardllamabadgeplz: Dec 13th:
:iconmissley:'s Sailor Oceana leads the snowball infantry, along with :iconleviadragon99:'s Robin and :iconlilyumi-chan:'s Sailor Cerberus

:iconwizardllamabadgeplz: Dec 12th:
:iconkabukikatze:'s Sailor Meo and :iconbaitou:'s  Xan are being assulted and being claimed as Christmas presents by  :iconcelamowari:'s Space Princess Nikatonia (shameless Nicky!), who loves cat girls just as much as she loves miniskirts! /

:iconwizardllamabadgeplz: Dec 11th:
We kick part 2 off with birthday girl :icongabistar:'s Sailor Entropy, :iconsailoralcyone:/:icontsuzukikun:'s Sailor Alcyone, and :iconai-sanura:'s Imperial Sailor Star (hiding her hair cause I don't know it's status right now). They're building a snowman, but Imperial Sailor Star thinks snow princess is better.
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